I’m Great.

I ran somewhere between 65 and 68 miles on Saturday! I have a long race report coming where I’m certain to pontificate on chaffing, back pain, extra miles and friendship. BUT! I slept in until 4:15am this morning and I’m really trying to make it to my friend’s spin class because A) I love seeing my friend but rarely am able to do her class because I usually run in the mornings and B) I need to work out the soreness in a way that does NOT involve running. SO! You’re getting a place holder. This is my telling you I survived. It was great. (As great as such a thing can be.) But my house is even MORE chaotic now that the new carpet is down and this is my last day off before E and the kids go back to school and I want to truly enjoy it which means I BETTER WORK OUT SOME ANXIETIES SOMEHOW THIS MORNING.

Off to spin it is!

(I’ll be the one in the back of the class just peddling the same speed the entire time and rarely breaking a sweat. Seriously. I’m just there to see my friend and work out some soreness and stress.)

But here is a picture my dear, dear friend took Saturday. One of the unexpected joys that I’ll get into was having two childhood/teen friends show up and run some with me along the way. One of them took this picture and I’ll be forever grateful. This is probably about mile 24 ish?


Anyway – more will come later. Now I’m off to work out some stiffness and some stress and come back to spend a full day with my kids before we all go back to our normal lives.

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  1. Wow I got up before you this morning! 4am to catch a 6am flight! Hope you have fun in spin class and have a great day today!

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