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Thank God For Monday

I love my routine. I need a schedule. I need both BAD. When I’m out of town, it’s one thing to be on a “different” schedule, my body and mind sense everything is different so no normalcy is expected. But when I’m at home for a REALLY LONG weekend and my schedule is whacked out, my brain and my body WANT the schedule they’re used to. Two days of “off” is a weekend. But I took one extra off to hang with my nephew so I had 5 days off and after two days my body and mind were like, “Wait…weekend should be over…where is our routine? WE NEED OUR ROUTINE.” So my emotions go insane (see yesterday’s post) and I eat to deal with the emotions and then I feel shitty because junk food makes me feel shitty and I find myself BEGGING FOR MONDAY.

I got up promptly at 3am as is my usual schedule. I did some dishes, made some coffee, did some cleanup and sat down to blog. AS I DO EVERY MONDAY. I’m going to hit the Y and go to work. There will be some chaos at home as the construction guys will be here to close up an old vent in a hallway and to turn our playroom into a 5th bedroom. (It’s hard to sell a 4,100 square foot house as a 4-bedroom, no matter how low the price-per-square foot is.) BUT I WILL BE AT WORK. I will be on MY OWN SCHEDULE. I LOVE SCHEDULES. I NEED MY ROUTINE.

While I enjoy an impromptu activity during a free segment of my day, I’m not – by nature – and impromptu person. Even on vacation I like to make a schedule so I go throughout my day knowing when we’re eating, when we’re swimming, when we’re getting our magic wands…etc. I probably should have set up a fake “schedule” for the extended break. I did run a few days with friends, but not always in the morning. And the first morning of the break I went to run at the Y and then went and got my nephew, did not go to work, so my mind knew…”Woah. This is not the normal routine for a workday. It started off normal but NOW IT IS NOT! ABORT MISSION!”

Today will be normal. My home will be chaotic but that’s Donnie’s responsibility because he’s got another week of vacation to burn. NOT MY PROBLEM. I will be happily enjoying my normal routine with my coffee in my office and the email checking and the task completing and I’m VERY HAPPY to have that back. All I wanted for Christmas, evidently, was my routine back in order.

SIDENOTE: This picture has nothing to do with this entry, but our Running Photographer Superhero – Gregg Gelmis took it on our trail run on Saturday and I love it with every ounce of my soul and wanted to show it off.


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  1. I know what you mean about needing a schedule! That’s why holidays with my husband’s family are always so stressful. They all seem to believe we should play it by ear! I need to go into work one day this week and it is hard to plan for without a plan! Then of course next week, I’m traveling. The conference has a schedule, so I’ll probably be okay.

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