Typical Christmas Eve

It’s almost 5am on Christmas Even and I’ve been up for about an hour moving furniture and toy boxes around the house because the new carpet/paint/renovations start Monday.

Yes. The Monday after Christmas. Because that was a great idea.

The hardest part, surprisingly, was all of the little stuff. There are 5 GIANT closets upstairs. And while those closets have shelves and some stuff could be moved there, since we’re getting the carpet replaced ALL of the stuff touching the floor has to be moved. E’s bedroom now looks like an episode of hoarders with giant storage bins lining every wall stacked as high as they’ll go without risk of falling.

The smaller pieces of furniture we’re moving into the weirdly large half-bath upstairs because it’s not being painted and there’s no carpet in there.

The bigger pieces of furniture that will be used for “staging” are staying upstairs and we’re just paying the extra to have the workers move/deal with that stuff themselves.

We are/have been getting rid of a LOT of stuff. We have a friend coming to get Nikki’s furniture this weekend because it’s a little masculine for her anyway and it doesn’t make great use of space which was FINE in this huge house but since we’re downsizing we decided we’d find her furniture that matched her style more AND that didn’t take up as much floor space.

After this is done, we’ll stage the upstairs and then the ONLY reason ANYONE (including animals) goes up there is to sleep or to use the bathroom if the downstairs bathrooms are occupied. THAT IS IT. What this means is that I will only have to worry about HALF of the house as it’s on the market which was another HUGE motivator to tackle this project. I think I can keep half of the house clean without wanting to jump of a bridge. I blame stressing about all 4,000+ square feet for the weight I gained previously.

Part of the renovations involve turning the “play room” into an official bedroom so we can call this a 5-bedroom house. It’s a little huge for a 4-bedroom and even though the price-per square feet was GREAT before, I’m not sure people made it to dig that deep since the straight price next to the “4BR” probably seemed a little high. Also, if you look at the inventory in our area there are VERY FEW 5BR houses near our price range, but PLENTY of 4BR ones. SO! Hopefully this all means less time on market!

But still. I’m spending Christmas even doing non-Christmassy stuff. That kinda sucks.

I do have 2 runs on the schedule today though. I’ve had a crappy workout week due to various stupid reasons so I’m hoping this will get me on track. 10 days until the race! WOOT.

2 thoughts on “Typical Christmas Eve”

  1. My office (a government agency!) is working regular hours today. Of course, about 70% of people took the day off, but I’m one of the lucky people who get to work until 5pm.

  2. I feel your pain. I have a feeling I will be putting my house on the market some time this coming year, and I do NOT look forward to getting it in showable state. I have 2 staircases to block off in order to keep animals downstairs and it is practically impossible to use gates without marking up the walls. This house is 4900 sq. ft. and is way more space than I really need. When we moved here, there were 6 of us and 2 dogs (Great Dane and fox terrier), and we’d been living in 1400 sq. ft. (not counting the 3 weeks we lived in our RV just before moving). I think after being space-starved, we went bigger than we really needed. With my oldest moving out with her child and fiancé in the next month or so, and my second oldest very near to that point, I can definitely do with less space, so I’m hoping to make that happen next year.

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