On Friendship.

Since 2010, I’ve slowly emerged from the haze of social anxiety induced agoraphobia that started 10 years earlier, and now I’m blessed with a multitude of people who I feel would come to my aid if I truly needed them.

But I’m still currently learning how to nurture those friendships and have even been thinking lately about how to rekindle those flames of friendship that I’ve maybe let smolder. A friend of mine shared this article on Facebook recently and it’s just been filling in all of the gaps between my thoughts ever since.

…show up even when you’re “busy,” because friendships often start by accident, but they are maintained on purpose. Show up even when you’re tired, because you know that your support—if only for a single drink, or an episode, or the first-half, or until you can’t keep your eyes open—is meaningful.

This is something I’m trying to think about more. It’s scary because – what if I think a friendship is worth pushing through the “busy” for but then I find out that the other person is too busy? But then I remember, how many times have I said “I’m busy” to an invitation? At least a million times. And often to someone I’d really like to push through the busy for – but I just get in my head about it. I need to NOT get in my head. They’re busy or they’re not. I UNDERSTAND BUSY. And I can’t do it all. I’m still going to probably decline 10 invitations for every 1 I accept, but nothing gets nurtured if I don’t try.

So I’m going to give it a try. I’m going to try to – in the new year – make time for friends. I was thinking about how we all have to eat, right? What if maybe I invited people over for dinner sometimes to my messy house? Tucker Carlson (YES. HIM!) has this habit of going to lunch with a new person like almost every day, but definitely often, because he likes to learn from new people and get to know a variety of people and I LOVE THAT. Sharing meals is so easy because it’s something we all have to make time for OR! WE! DIE! I can’t really afford to meet people for dinner all the time, but I can invite people over for dinner, right? And that should work, as long as they’re not allergic to animals or filth.


But I really want to try it. I’ve done a great job enriching my life with people and I have a great support network – but I think I need to foster deeper connections and maybe try to rekindle friendships I let die because I was “too busy”.

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  1. It is SO stinkin’ easy to get too busy. I am guilty of it. The hardest for me is “rekindling” friendship with my friends who no longer live here. How I do reconnect with friends who live an hour away, much less those who are in Florida, Louisiana, and South Korea.

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