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When My Mouth Proceeds Ahead Of My Mind.

Sometimes my brain knows there’s something to say in a situation but doesn’t quite get the right words together before my mouth starts talking. This is why A) I love writing because I can think and edit and think and edit some more and B) I have terrible social anxieties. Because this is me after every party.

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Posted by The Awkward Yeti on Wednesday, December 9, 2015

(Thanks to my friend for sharing this on my FB wall last night.)

My coping with this the last few years is to just start embracing the awkwardness and not let it keep me from doing things. I post on Facebook when I get someone’s name wrong to make sure everyone KNOWS I’m going to do that stuff so that when I do it, it’s not as embarrassing for me because I’ve already prepped the universe for my idiocy. It’s actually a pretty effective technique.

And sometimes, I’m just so awkward (but not too awkward like the comic above) it’s hilarious and I have to share it on my blog.

Nikki and I volunteered at a weeknight race last week which was held at the “Galaxy of Lights” at our local Botanical Gardens. Since we were there really early we got to see a lot of the people we know from the running community. We stopped and had our picture taken with Santa and got some snacks and took on last bathroom break before the race started. When we were in line for the bathroom a friend got in line behind me and she has also been in line behind us for Santa so she jokingly said, “I keep ending in line behind you tonight!”

Now…here’s where my brain and mouth were still on the same page. For a moment my mouth and brain both agreed there was a good funny response to be made to this observation. I could feel that it was easy and just right there if I could get my brain to figure it out…and then my mouth opened and started talking before my brain could find the funny thing to say. And I said something like this,

Yeah! It’s like I’m psychic and having predictive visions about where you’re going to be and then using that knowledge and getting in line ahead of you.

My brain knew this was NOT the funny thing that should be said. It didn’t really make sense and it sounded incredibly awkward as I was saying it and then my friend said,

Nope. I’m just stalking you.

THAT WAS IT. That’s what my brain wanting to say, “Are you stalking me?” THAT would have been the funny and most importantly – LOGICAL – response. Not this weird universe where I’m psychic and guessing where my friend is going to be. The funny comeback is that SHE’S THE STALKER.

My brain got very angry at my mouth. “SEE! If you would just wait for me to catch up we could have avoided all of this.”

Luckily this was a typical “Kim” move so I just laughed it off, it didn’t keep me up. As a matter of fact, it’s still cracking me up to this day. What an awkward “joke” to make when the easy “stalker” joke was JUST RIGHT THERE WAITING FOR ME. But instead I went for the Psychic Line Breaker angle.

Sometimes it’s easiest just to laugh at ourselves.

3 thoughts on “When My Mouth Proceeds Ahead Of My Mind.”

  1. I feel like we could hang out. When I read your comment, I thought, “That’s funny. Is that the thing she said that she didn’t think was funny? Did I miss something? It seems appropriate to me!” And then I read it three more times to see if I was missing something accidentally offensive. And THEN I got to the stalker comment and went “Doh!” My thing is not that it will keep me awake a night worrying over something I said or didn’t say (unless it was REALLY BAD) but instead I’ll randomly wake up at 1am and think “THAT’S what I should have said” and not be able to go back to sleep. But at least it’s something to laugh about!

  2. I think your response was much more clever and required more thought than the obvious “You’re stalking me”. Kudos!

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