A Downstairs Christmas


Christmas is weird this year because we’re doing the whole moving-but-not-moving thing. We’re moving everything from upstairs to downstairs so we can get new carpet and paint and turn a playroom into a bedroom and then we WILL NOT TOUCH THE UPSTAIRS UNTIL THE HOUSE SELLS. But, since the “start” date for everything is vague and it’s a huge endeavor, we’re doing it a little at a time and therefore Christmas is ONLY downstairs this year.

When we do eventually move out, we will definitely need the services of a moving company like Air Van. They are an expert team of Bellevue movers. Above all, when moving house, you need to know that your belongings are in the hands of a moving company that you can trust.

But – in the end – this makes our house more marketable AND puts us in an “only have to keep the downstairs clean” situation which is my FAVORITE THING ABOUT THIS.

So, I’ll tolerate the weird Christmas in the new location just so we can hopefully get our house sold as a FIVE bedroom house instead of a FOUR bedroom house which will hopefully be the magic needed to get us out of here.

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