The Awesome And Totally Creepy Reason I Love Google Photos

I recently have begun using Google Photos to back up all of my phone pictures and photos in general. I guess – theoretically – it’s unlimited storage as long as you’re using high res but not MAXIMUM resolution of photos. I haven’t tested it out to see if the resolution is printable, I should probably do that, but I also haven’t official transferred everything over from anything else yet either. SO, it’s still a transition from DropBox and Flickr anyway.

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 4.13.31 AMBUT! The Search function? Is so amazing I almost don’t care about the printability. In Flickr I had to tag everything but Google Photos. JUST KNOWS. If you go to the “search” bar it finds faces and categorizes them for you to search which came in real handy when I was trying to do a mosaic for my sister-in-law’s wedding. I mean, creepy as crap that it just quickly categorizes your most popular faces and lets you choose those (and name them in some cases as I’ve done with a few) and to search.

BUT THEN, you can also see the “locations” that it derives from geotagging. I’ve not categorized any of those photos, I’ve just uploaded them. YET! It actually grouped them all, and even separated the photos when I went to Colorado that were Breckenridge from the ones that were taken in Lakewood. I thought it had reached it’s insanity and then yesterday? Bambi escaped. (He’s back!) He didn’t return after a bit so I wanted to post a plea on Facebook. And for a split moment I thought I wonder…

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 4.14.18 AMSo, I went to the Search function and scrolled past “people” and past “locations” and there was a “things” section where it grouped similar items I guess. There were things like “hiking” and “graduation” (I guess from the caps?) and “selfies” but then? There was a “cats” option (as well as a “dogs” options) and I clicked it. AND THERE THEY WERE! Tons of pictures of Bambi to post to Facebook!

So! If you’re not creeped out? USE IT! IT’S AWESOME! If you are creeped out? Then I totally understand but I find it’s better not to think about it.

4 thoughts on “The Awesome And Totally Creepy Reason I Love Google Photos”

  1. That is pretty creepy, although at least it hasn’t figured out that you are trail running and not hiking yet.

  2. A lot of Google things are amazing and creepy at the same time! But I can be bought when they are useful to me. I do hope they are using their powers for good, though, or at least not evil.

  3. I had no idea! I am going to start using this, simply because I love having access to ALL my photos ALL the time. Google is already data mining my entire existence, this just gives them photographic evidence!

  4. if you can get past the “creepy” factor of google (probably) knowing you and your life even better than you do? then it’s the BEST. EVER! 🙂

    have you turned on all the “auto awesome” and “auto collage”, etc. settings? i am LOVING the random daily reminders i’m usually getting from google almost every day now…always brings a smile to my face! 🙂

    so far, i’m still ok w/ the whole “selling of my soul to google” thing i did long ago. in fact…this all started way back when an awesome friend of mine got gmail “invites” b/c of her pioneering blogging ways, and i became “bucsgirl”! 🙂

    p.s. (i can never thank that blogging girl enough! 🙂

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