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Christmas Cards 2004-2015

Here is our 2015 Christmas Card! They arrived yesterday which gives me PLENTY of time to send them out which means I’ll still be mailing some as “Happy New Year!” cards like I always do. This is my second year using a pre-fab template from Shutterfly because they finally have some with enough holes for photos that I feel like I can give a good representation of our year. Last year was the first year I did that, every other year prior I made the collage myself and either sent it as a 4×6 photo or just used it as the “front” of a blank card in Shutterfly. This year’s turned out GREAT!

2015 Christmas Card

And now, for a walk down Christmas Card memory lane!


2004, the year we sent out TWO photo collages, one with the animals and one with the humans.

2005, Nikki had only been with us for 2 months yet she was 99% of the collage.


2006, The first year I put a race photo in a collage.

2007 - A
2007-A, The card created from our family portrait session, we didn’t mail them out because WHO MAILS OUT JUST ONE PHOTO?

2007 - B
2007-B, The cards we ACTUALLY mailed out. Special guest: Donnie’s first half marathon which he ran in a COTTON T-SHIRT. How terrible did that feel? How glad was he to eventually discover tech fabric?


2008, The year of the Wessy-Man!


2009, This was not the FINAL collage we mailed out, but it’s the only version I could find. The final did have those photos in that basic layout, but I did NOT use that font or that coloring for the background/text. I PROMISE.


2010, The year of the super-cute kid photos.


2011, The year I got kinda decent at taking pictures of her family/kids.


2012, The first full year we spent as athletes so the year that became a dominant focus of our cards.


2013, The year I put way too many photos on the card.


2014, The year I finally used a collage template from Shutterfly because they finally started offering some with TONS of spots to insert photos.

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  1. Love your cards! This post inspired me to still quickly order our first ever family holiday cards and start a similar tradition, thanks for that 🙂

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