The Time I Ran With My Imaginary Running Friends…

I have a LOT to say about this this wonderful weekend and I owe the world 2 race reports; but to fulfill my National Blog Posting Month obligation for today I’m just going to make a quick note of the difference between Saturday’s race and Sunday’s race.

Saturday’s race friends were corporeal, Sunday’s were imaginary.

I ran Saturday’s 50K with an assortment of friends – predominantly two who I would have failed without – and I loved every step made alongside those beautiful people in my running community. Whether it was mile one before the crowd thinned out, or mile 31 with the finish line in sight. Yesterday? Was all about the joy of having wonderful people to run alongside.

And today? I had no one. I ran with only myself. Instead, I spent the 26.2 miles thinking about all of them. I thought about their stories and their own challenges and their joys and all of the funny things they say to make me laugh when I’m suffering the most. I loved the race today for a lot of reasons, but I still found myself thinking how much better it will be if I can talk some of my friends into doing it with me next year. I’m so blessed to have such wonderful people to run with, and I can say with 100% certainty, I wouldn’t achieve even half of the goals I set out without them.

They were all in my heart every step that I took today. They pulled me through a challenging course on tired legs, even though they didn’t know it.

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  1. I’ve done the same thing before! When I ran Dizzy loops by myself one day, even though I was having a rough time on the last loop, I remember laughing – remembering things you and my other running friends had said or what I thought you might say! I run with imaginary friends too, sometimes. I think you could talk me into doing flying monkey or another race next year!

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