Day 01: Dizzy Fifties 50K

IMG_1150Alrighty then. It’s 3:30am and I’m commencing in my pre-race ritual of really wishing I could force my body to sleep later and drinking coffee to push the digestive system forward in a timely manner so as not to experience any distress on the trails. ALTHOUGH – I’m never much more than an hour (if that) away from a bathroom…A REAL BATHROOM…so this will actually be easier than even a road marathon.

My best time at this race is 6:48, I think. I’m not going for time today, per se, but I don’t want to be out there all day since I have a marathon tomorrow. I think I’m going to run strong on the flats and walk every thing with even the slightest elevation. I think I may Snapchat again like I did when we went to Orlando because it gives me a chance to sit down at night and look back on moment from my own day. Especially because Snapchat uses the same microphone on your phone as your voice memos so it will actually record sound unlike every other video I try to take. I probably won’t record as much today because there’s only 3 major climbs today, but tomorrow? There are like 13 I think. The elevation on tomorrow’s marathon is BANANAS.

So. Follow me on Snapchat (misszoot) and for 24 hours you’ll be able to see anything mundane I post during/after each race. I like giving myself some sort of reward: If you make it to Sinks, Kim…you can Snapchat!.

See you on the other side. Day 01 (the easier of the two days) commences…NOW.

4 thoughts on “Day 01: Dizzy Fifties 50K”

  1. Great job with the races! Guess I was doing something wrong with the snapchat because I couldn’t see anything posted. Maybe I had the wrong misszoot.

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