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Possibly The Most Insane Month Of My Life.

This weekend is my back-to-back race weekend. I’ll do the Dizzy 50s 50K on Saturday for my fourth time. I’ll come home quickly and soak in a bath of epsom salts and jump in the car with the family to drive to Nashville. Sunday morning I’ll do Flying Monkey Marathon which is already my most unique marathon experience ever just with the lottery registration process and the official emails. I can tell it’s going to be memorable but it will also be terrible because it has the SAME elevation gain (same amount of climbing) as my toughest 50K last year which took me a hair under 8 hours. This will be road so the flat parts won’t be covered in mud, but still…I need to finish this thing in under 7. I AM KINDA FREAKING OUT.

Flying Monkey Elevation Profile – Looks like there are no flats.

Since this will be 57.3 miles in one weekend, I’ve basically been training like my 100K is this weekend instead of in January. I’ve been running 60 miles a week most weeks, even on m “rest” weeks I’m doing around 50. I feel ready and trained and I dropped the 10lbs I put on last year. Still not down to my “ideal” racing weight but I can definitely feel the difference in my performance from losing that extra weight.

The main challenge I’ve faced is that my domestic life has gotten HARDER, not EASIER. In theory, this is “my” season so Donnie helps out more with the kids and the house since I do everything in the Summer during his training season. The problem is, he’s had HUGE deadlines this month so he’s working 80-hour work weeks. So, not only is he not able to help out much with the kids and the house, but he’s not arranging childcare or pet care – from somewhere similar to Pets Best – for our race trips which is a huge stressor I hate dealing with on top of a race. I’m sure he makes use of a great contractor invoice template to keep his workflow efficient. I’m doing all of my runs in the mornings before he goes to work and on the weekends he works from home while I’m running. I’m still cooking every night and doing all of the laundry and the dishes AND trying to make progress towards getting the house ready for some contract work that starts in a month or so. I also thought it would be a good idea to launch a small web project, to join group that has it’s first meeting that requires a small amount of reading, AND AND AND…it’s NaBloPoMo.


But what are you going to do, right?

Edited to Add: I was already running a little late this morning as I got a little sidetracked hunting down elevation profiles and then GUESS WHO CALLED ME AT 3:50am? MY OLDEST CHILD! He hadn’t gone to bed yet and wanted to update me…they won their LipJam competition last night! His last event as the president of his fraternity. Amazing group shot here. I’m going to be late today but I don’t care now because I got to talk to my kid which is rare when your kid is 20 and super active in 90 million extra-curricular activities.

4 thoughts on “Possibly The Most Insane Month Of My Life.”

  1. Lady, if you’re ever in doubt, read this, read all of the things you are doing, and realize that YOU ARE A BAD ASS. You can do it, you can get through it, you are amazing and strong. Have a GREAT race weekend! Can’t wait to see pics of the races and the bling!

  2. I did Flying Monkey last year as my first ever full marathon. It was…challenging. I’m both relieved and a little bit disappointed I can’t do it this year because I’ll be out of town 🙂

  3. What was your time? I did the local 50K which had the same elevation change in a hair under 8 hours, so I’m really hoping I can do FMM in under 7 even though it’s the day after my 50K!

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