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The Worst Metaphor.

The one thing I love about National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) is that I just sit down and write, even if I have nothing specific to write about. I’ve always been good about this being part of my weekday routine, but it is only part of my Saturdays and Sundays during November and it’s a nice way to make sure I’m ready to tackle the weekends like I do the weekdays. I always sit down with my bullet journal for the weekend, but I don’t always sit down to write.

Writing is just a good exercise to get into, a good habit that forces you to parse the things in your mind. Especially since I do it with my first cups of coffee in the morning, it’s like douching my brain before the day.

I CAN NOT BELIEVE I JUST SAID THAT. I need to quit writing.

Rewind. Let’s try that again.

It’s like taking one of those extendable arm dusting things to the cobwebbed corners of my mind so I can start my day free of brain spiders.

Hmmm…better. Not great. BUT MUCH BETTER. There are always better metaphors to use than the douche metaphor. CROSS STITCH THAT WISDOM AND HANG IT ON YOUR WALL.

Anyway – I parse through the things rolling around in my head – like the various items of furniture we need to put on the street today so that (hopefully) someone will come take it while it’s sunny. I’ve got gifts I need to work on and rooms I need to clear out (We’re getting carpet! And painting! All so someone else will buy our house!) and walls I need to scrub. There’s a lot to do and a lot to think about and when I sit down and write – even with nothing in mind – it helps organize all of those thoughts.

And while I’ve kept this lighthearted, I’d be lying if I said my brain wasn’t also trying to process the terror in Paris from yesterday. But it’s all still so new and I’m still very overwhelmed by emotions about it all. I was flustered yesterday and bitching and moaning about the stupidest shit when I finally sat down and saw what was going on in France. I can’t even watch any footage or interviews because even just reading the transcripts is too much.

So I try to process that, but since that’s further down the assembly line of cognitive thoughts I find myself just letting it run through the system a little more and just churn out the thoughts ready for coherence. Thoughts about house prep and half marathons (got one today!) and breakfast dishes and animals DRIVING ME BANANAS.

It would be nice if I could convince myself to parse through all of this crap a little later than 4am, BUT I AM NOT IN CHARGE OF MY SLEEP CYCLE ANYMORE.


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