On Taking Compliments

I have sometimes been THE WORST at taking compliments. WORST. WORST. WORST. But then I gave someone a sincere compliment years ago she was sincerely grateful and appreciative and I felt great and I could tell she felt great and it was a wonderful moment and I thought: THAT, is how you take a compliment. LEARN FROM THIS WOMAN, KIM.

Since that moment years ago I’ve really been trying to be better at receiving compliments. Sometimes I still get very flustered and mumble things about boob sweat (My go-to when I’m uncomfortable is to make jokes about boob sweat. I KNOW. I AM TERRIBLE.) but I at least try to be grateful in that moment as well. I try to offer sincere thanks in those awkward moments that I don’t ever seem to know how to handle.

But I look at it for what it is: A gift. A sincere compliment is a gift from someone, a gift of a perspective we don’t always have because we are our own harshest critics on most days. When someone gives you a gift, you accept it graciously and that’s how I’ve been trying to look at it. I had two moments yesterday where I was given gifts of compliments and I didn’t mention boob sweat either time! I am very proud.

I found when I would just brush off the compliments and not take a moment to be sincerely grateful because I’m too busy being awkward, I am not even using the gift I was given. It was like opening a present at Christmas saying, “That’s nice…” and then putting it on a shelf in a cabinet to never be seen or even used. But now…now I try to really appreciate and use the gift because life is too damn short to always be hard on yourself. If someone has noticed something nice about you? Take a minute to open that gift and then decide where to put it in your house so that you can at least see it regularly and maybe even use it sometimes! If you screwed up something at work or you are behind on laundry, take that compliment off the shelf and remind yourself that YOU STILL ARE AWESOME. Someone gave you this compliment that one time – even if it was just about your shoes, or your hair…IT IS STILL A COMPLIMENT. Savor and and reflect on it if you’re having a bad day. And then return the favor sometime and give someone a similar gift that they can use on their bad days.

I took those compliments yesterday and I put them on a shelf in my house where I can think about them often because I have dropped the ball on a lot of things lately, I’ve screwed up many MANY times, and I need those reminders when I’m feeling down on myself that someone once said they liked something I did.

And it had nothing to do with boob sweat.

3 thoughts on “On Taking Compliments”

  1. I love the idea of putting a compliment on a shelf! You have such a great way of looking at things. I’m so happy to have you as a friend! A funny thing – you know that work friend I told you about who made me feel great by telling others I was an ultrarunner? I was just telling him how you got me into the longer distances by showing me how much fun it could be!

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