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Why I Didn’t Reply To Your Email/Message/Text

Every time I realize I’ve dropped the ball on replying to things – I want to write this entry. BUT IT SEEMS LIKE SUCH A BORING ENTRY IDEA! But you know what? It’s NaBloPoMo and I dropped the ball a few times recently SO I AM WRITING THIS DAMN ENTRY.

FYI – If you send me a message or email or text when I’m sitting at my laptop with nothing pressing needing my attention, you will get an almost IMMEDIATE response of the appropriate (if not too long) length. I am good at typing on my laptop and like communicating with people. In fact, I prefer typing on a keyboard SO MUCH more than on a phone that I’m always treating myself to the latest professional standard keyboards to make it even more fun. I personally favour a minimalist mechanical keyboard because they let me type really quickly and get that to do list ticked off.

UNFORTUNATELY, I’m not always at my computer.

Most of the time, I get a notification of a message or I see an email when I’m killing time in line at CVS, or I’m waiting for the kids, or I’m just goofing off on my phone…and I do not like typing on that tiny keyboard! “But Kim! Use voice-to-text!” Ah, yes. Wouldn’t that be nice? But the problem is that your iPhone has TWO microphones, and the one that does voice-to-text on mine? Does not work. So that is not an option.

If you sent me an email then I try to leave it in my inbox as a way of telling myself it needs my attention. And then, when I have free time at the computer, I try to be good at regularly getting my email back to INBOX ZERO.

This is what INBOX ZERO looks like in Google Inbox. It's huge motivation because it's so pretty.
This is what INBOX ZERO looks like in Google Inbox. It’s huge motivation because it’s so pretty.

So. Eventually you should receive a response to me via email. EVENTUALLY. I replied to someone this week after WEEKS and she had been worried she offended me because it took me so long. YOU DID NOT OFFEND ME! I am just terrible at ACTUALLY setting aside time to respond once I miss that initial window.

But sometimes I set aside time to get to INBOX ZERO and I get frustrated and I’ll do a quick scan of all my emails to see if anything jumps out as “WORK! or VOLUNTEER POSITION! IMPORTANT. MUST RESPOND.” and just archive everything else because I’m too overwhelmed and don’t have time and it just keeps building up. I really try not to let that happen but the last year it’s probably happened twice where I’ve just – in order to prevent a full-blown anxiety attack – have let myself off the hook to responding to personal emails. Please try again if I might have done that to you, like I said before, I’ve been much better lately.

Facebook messages and texts are the WORST though because there’s no inbox to leave them in! If I’m in the check-out lane at Target and you send me a message that needs a lengthy response (and therefore my computer) then I just cross my fingers and pray I’ll remember later. Once I’ve read it? It no longer stays “unread” so I forget about it. I just responded to a friend who had a trail map question a week ago – THIS MORNING. I had forgotten about it until I sat down and thought about trails and then I finally responded. OOPS.

But I’m always better when life – in general – is going better. As it has been lately. I’ve been regularly getting my inbox to zero without sacrificing responses, I’ve been trying to make notes in my bullet journal about texts or Facebook messages that need my attention. So, if you’ve ever needed something from me and I failed? Feel free to try again because you’re chances are always better when I’m not suffering under an overwhelming cloud of anxiety.

And then, sometimes, the cloud of anxiety just has me read a message, know it needs a response, but not even able to make myself do it because the burden of life in general is too great to even consider a time when I could respond. And if you’ve tried to communicate with me during those times? I’m sorry.

But mainly, if you don’t get a rapid response? It’s because I need a keyboard. It’s simply that simple. Smartphones have been great to immediately connect us all the time, but in my case? Not so great if I need to respond. Some day I’ll get a working phone and be able to just do voice-to-text AND LIFE WILL BE AMAZING.

Until then…I’m going to continue sucking and making everything think they upset me.

3 thoughts on “Why I Didn’t Reply To Your Email/Message/Text”

  1. Does Siri work? I do all my voice to text through Siri and it works. Doing it from inside the text message? Not so much. So, just tell Siri to send a message to ________ and follow the prompts.

  2. No – just become my microphone doesn’t record sound! It’s broken. I can leave voice memos because that uses the other microphone, but I can’t do anything else. 🙁

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