Memories To Fuel Me For A Lifetime

IMG_0463What an amazing weekend! The frenzy started Thursday night and we just kept going all weekend until I went to bed about 7pm last night. I was so exhausted my body ached. It was awesome. Nikki was tired too but she was not falling asleep as easily as I was last night and she wanted to chat and I kept dozing off in the middle of conversation and I think I basically win the Mom of the Year Award single-handedly now.

“Are you asleep? AGAIN?”
“What? Huh? Me? No. I was totally listening to you unload your anxieties. Just repeat the last thing you said just to make sure YOU remember.”

IMG_0414She did great all weekend though, hung out and got ready with the bridesmaids and was just one of the girls and it was adorable. She was a little taken aback by the stress levels at certain points, not realizing quite how anxious weddings can make people, but over all she loved every second of the process from the matching “get ready” outfits to the bridal room with all of the mirrors to the bouquets and the ceremony itself. I think she had a great time, the exhaustion and “let down” that comes after weekends like this just got to her last night.

I actually felt GOOD because I really loved my dress which I spent several weeks digging through racks at Ross for and finally found two weeks ago for $25. WOO! And the shoes I got on Amazon for $30 and they didn’t hurt my feet too bad at all. I also loved my pop of color and my necklace and I just felt like it all worked well together and I’m so glad I didn’t hem the dress like I wanted. My friend encouraged me not to, saying it’s the “in” length right now, and I’m so glad! It looked perfect once I put the heels on.

IMG_0469The boys were ushers and looked amazing in their suits and Wesley stay well behaved most of the weekend. I had to walk that fine line between “Give Him Everything He Wants So He Won’t Pitch A Fit” and “Don’t Let Him Know You Are Going To Give Him Everything He Wants Or Else He’ll Use The Power For Evil” and I think it went okay. We had a few borderline episodes where I thought tantrums were next in line, but I was able to keep the pot from boiling over all weekend and that was my biggest concern of the entire day.

IMG_0515The best part was FINALLY getting my husband out on the dance floor. We’ve always known he could dance because he dances at home with the kids, they’ll even watch YouTube instructional videos together and my husband has MOVES. But he’s never danced in a group before but the Cupid Shuffle called his name (“I can do this! It has instructions!”) and he stayed with us on the dance floor the rest of the night. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. It was great to have all 5 members of the family out there dancing and I hope those memories get cemented into my brain forever. At one point Donnie shouted over the music, “This is so much fun! Why have I never done this before?”

All in all it was a lovely weekend. The bride was beautiful, the ceremony blessed, and the party was hoppin’. I actually am going out of town overnight for a work retreat today so I’m hoping to settle back into normal life sometime later this week. Until then? It will be smiles thinking about a lovely weekend surrounded by family and friends to pull me through.

13 thoughts on “Memories To Fuel Me For A Lifetime”

  1. You all look wonderful! So glad it was an awesome weekend. Congratulations to your family!

  2. Yay!!! Glad you recapped it! We called last night hoping to hear all the goods but now we know you were headed for bed. The dancing sounds awesome! Just love that so much. You all look so beautiful and happy!! Good luck with your retreat and settling back into the daily schedule. Also, your anniversary is right around the corner…maybe you’ll get Donnie back out in the dance floor! 😉 Love you all so very much!

  3. Has it occurred to anyone that Kim is wearing a ZenDoodle DRESS????!!!! 🙂
    julie a

  4. Ha Julie, I didn’t catch that it’s a zendoodle dress but now I can’t stop seeing it and smiling! I adored that dress the second I saw the first picture of it and I can’t believe it’s a $25 Ross dress! I love it!!! Too bad there’s no Ross (or TJMaxx or Marshall’s or Burlington) near me, otherwise I’d be on the hunt for it.

    I’m so glad your family had such a wonderful time! I’m not a dancer myself but I love watching other people dance and have fun and I can imagine your whole family out there cutting some rug. Definitely a weekend for the [mental] memory books.

  5. Your dress is awesome amd the pop of colour in your accessories and shoes! The @fuggirls would definitely give you a Fab!

    The whole family looks great in these pictures and it sounds like such an awesome weekend.

  6. The entire family is lovely. I am so envious of your composure in these events. I know you say, or write, that you’re not composed but really, you are. It shows, too. Composure, like bravery, is doing whata you have to in the face of fear.

  7. What a great weekend full of wonderful memories to hold in your heart forever ?
    You looked beautiful , love the dress , the shies , everything (Personally , I love shorter dresses , but but too short , lol )
    That’s is beautiful family picture , make sure you get one any chance you can ?

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