The Storm Before The Storm.

Donnie’s sister gets married this weekend and I AM SO EXCITED. Our whole family is about to get their Fancy Pants on and none of us owned fancy pants to begin with. Donnie, E and Wes all got new suits. The only one of the 3 that had a suit to begin with was E. Nikki and I both bought 2 new dresses. I bought HIGH HEELS. SERIOUSLY. I think they’re only like 1.5 inches BUT STILL. ME. IN HIGH HEELS. I also bought makeup which was terrible because MAKEUP IS SUPER EXPENSIVE. And I was shopping at Target! I bought us both lip gloss, I bought her gold shimmer for her eyes, I bought me a compact that is a foundation I used to use a million years ago and thank god they still make it or I would have had no clue what to buy. The makeup section at Target is bigger than the produce section! Oh. And a little concealer. That’s all we bought. And it was like $40! WHAT IN THE HELL, MAKEUP? WHY YOU GOTTA BE SO EXPENSIVE?

We have the rehearsal and dinner tonight and the wedding is Saturday. Friday is full of family activities like manicures and golf. I woke up at 3am as usual this morning but this is the only entry you’re getting from me because it’s 4:08am and I am ALREADY behind.

This is going to be a great stretch of days with E home for the longest stretch since Christmas last year and I get to watch my sister of the last 15 years marry our family’s soulmate. I would say it was “her” soulmate but this guy fits in so well with our family it’s like he’s the missing puzzle piece we’ve been waiting on.

OH shit. That’s a good line. I’m going to use that in the toast tonight.

ANYWAY – sorry to be so distracted and frazzled AND ALL OF THE RANDOM CAPS but there’s a shitload to do today and I’m already late because I spent too much time planning Sunday’s trail run because you can put makeup and heels on a girl, but you can’t take her out of the woods if she’s a trail runner.

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  1. Weddings are wonderful, especially when you love the folks getting married. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! (And your toast will be awesome!)

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