The One Where I Publish A Blog Entry About The Blog Entries I Didn’t Publish.

I woke up at 3:15am this morning but don’t need to be at the Y at 5am to run so I have all of the extra time and you know what I did? I wrote two blog entries – long and complex entries – and abandoned them both in the draft folder.

One entry was me trying to vent a little about how we never can make any progress on reducing the number of mass shootings in this country because we’re too busy staking claim on the SIDE of the debate. I’m a peace-loving pacifist and I’ve seen some legislation I won’t support, but we can’t seem to discuss it because you either love guns and hate Obama, or you want to take all the guns away and love terrorists. And complex legislation with amendments added on to appease opponents makes it so that there’s very little that either side could ever fully-support, so we’re basically treading water an never getting anywhere. WE ALL WANT TO REDUCE THE NUMBER OF MASS SHOOTINGS…but we can have reasonable discussions about it because no one will listen to anyone not on their side.

But I abandoned the entry because I couldn’t seem to really work it into a point and it was long and rambling and…DRAFT! Save that for another day.

The second entry had me talking about the different versions of myself. The “TODAY I CHOOSE JOY!” Zoot, the Gray Gloom and Doom Zoot, and the In Between Zoot. But it got a little weird and it was basically me just talking to myself and I couldn’t get the groove going so…DRAFT! Save it for another day.

Basically I had about 90 extra minutes to blog this morning and it’s time for me to click “publish” and all I have is this entry talking about the posts I left in draft.

But then it occurred to me that this is the point. I just sit down every weekday morning (and some weekends) and write because that is how I start my day. Since January of 2004 this has been – more or less – my routine. I have to write, and I have to publish something. It’s such an interesting compulsion, that I’d rather write something about not being able to write anything, than not write anything at all.

So…here is the crappiest entry ever published on this blog. Or the most meta entry I’ve ever published. Sorry neither of the other two entries panned out and that somehow I thought this would be better than either of those.

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