Trying Something New…

Hey guys – if you’re not one of my Bullet Journal crazies – just skip this entry…it’s just a bonus! HOWEVER, if you are, I’m trying something new. I always have done printable monthly pages for Moleskines and Leuchtturm1917’s (2015, 2016) but I do them horizontally as that’s how I use them. I thought I’d play around with a sheet that you could stick vertically. (Because someone once referred to that as the “right” way, even though in my world horizontally is the “right” way.) Simultaneously, I was playing around with printable bullet journal sized coloring sheets. So today! I’m posting bothing ideas on one page to see if anyone wants to print it and try it out. Or see if anyone thinks this might be useful. Click the picture for the PDF download.


11 thoughts on “Trying Something New…”

  1. Love the coloring page!! How big does the download print? I agree with you that the “right” way for the calendar is horizontally. ?

    Ps – I have been hanging out in your neck of the woods the past month or so. My dad’s in the hospital here.

  2. Thank you for sharing. I like the vertical format because I do not have to turn my book to see the date/what was scheduled when I open it up. Thanks for your generosity. I hope you will consider making more vertical months for 2015 and 2016.

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