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An now it’s time for an exciting real estate update! The house hasn’t sold and our contract with our current realtor expires in a few days. Since we put our house on the market, I started handling photos/web/digital media for another real estate company in town so obviously I’ll list it with them because THEIR PHOTOGRAPHER IS PRETTY AWESOME. If they were nearer we’d think about using Triangle House Hunter because they’ve been given a glowing recommendation by a friend who both sold and bought with them, but sadly geography gets in the way of that. I’ve also learned a lot about “staging” since I’ve taken this job and while I’m not going to swear by it as much as some people do, I will admit that certain staging elements really improve photos and when you can’t afford to update your house, that’s the next best thing. It’s always best to make any changes or repairs that are needed but if you can’t afford it, staging is the next best thing. Another friend was having people get turned off their house because their roof was damaged and you can tell just by looking at it. She got one of the austin roofing companies to repair it for her and the house sold in no time. You’d be surprised what people notice so it’s important to get the issues sorted or stage your home correctly.

The good-for-our-pride news is that houses in our price range in our part of town have been sitting on the market for an average of 9 months before selling. So, it’s not necessarily our house that is the problem. The bad news is, it could still be our house so…you know…we dropped the price quite a bit in the last 6 months and that’s just completely depressing.

We’ve decided life has been just too insane lately to try to immediately turn around after this listing expires and throw it back up again. Donnie’s Ironman is Sunday (ACK!) and then his sister gets married in a few weeks (DOUBLE ACK!) so we have had plenty to keep us busy so you know what we’re going to do? TAKE A BREAK. We are going to leave the house off the market for about a month to allow us time to re-do some big things we haven’t done in six months and then do-for-the-first-time some things I’ve considered in the learning curve of my job. Then I’ll come in and take my OWN photos and list it with the company I work for.

So, we’ll take a month off where we don’t have to stress out about it every day (not that I’ve been stressing about it lately because we don’t get a lot of traffic so there’s really no point) and so we can go and do all of the deep cleaning we haven’t done in 6 months: baseboards, windows etc.

The whole thing is depressing. I hate spending money on ANYTHING related to the house now that we’ve dropped it so low. I’m trying to buy staging items that in some way will help us in the future. Like, I bought a new comforter for Nikki’s bed that will tone down the wall color but is ALSO a Queen so when we eventually downsize beds after the move, we can use it too. But it’s hard to justify some purchases as anything other than, “I hope this makes my house look better” and those are starting to piss me off now that we’re priced where we’re priced. Perhaps we need a new strategy. I’ve been looking at the Best Real Estate Websites for advice and inspiration, and we’ve got some ideas of how to move forwards, but it is all still really exhausting.

Anyway. Just wanted to give you all a sort-of-depressing, but-also-kinda-nice update. House hasn’t sold, but we’re taking a month off from worrying about it!

Who could have guessed it would be SO DIFFICULT to downsize?

3 thoughts on “Downsizing Update”

  1. OMG, selling the house is painful, stressful, and annoying(ful). We took our own photos as well. the realtor showed up with his iphone late in afternoon…so all his photos have looong shadows and crazy bright windows. We used our good camera, shot on an overcast but bright day, and strategically hid piles of crap.

    I wouldn’t buy more ‘stuff’ to stage with…getting rid of stuff is probably the way to go. The one exception might be a lovely fall wreath for the front door. (I think my hubs fell in love with our new house because of how it looked from the street) Good luck!

  2. I think staging is more important than people realize (says the woman who has never bought or sold a home, but watched probably hundreds of hours of HGTV). It probably is a smart idea to buy things that will help the house show better now, but that you also know you can still use later. Good luck!

  3. One of my houses was staged by my realtor as part of her services and it made a huge difference – it sold much quicker than I expected. Can you borrow anything from friends that would help with staging without having to spend more money?

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