Weird Days Are Weird.

SO! I had written two posts yesterday morning and scheduled one to publish later in the day. It was my Spectator Guide post since Donnie’s race is this weekend. I had kinda forgotten about it until after it had been showing up on Facebook for hours and then, suddenly, I realized that it said “2016 IMCHOO Spectator Guide.”

Yep. And at that point I had already sent it to a few people who had asked me for tips. One person was going to send it to her parents who were coming to watch her. And yet…YET…the thing had the wrong year on it.


But then the day got weirder. I set up a website that was totally unnecessary at work. I didn’t wrap some HTML tags correctly so links weren’t working and someone ELSE had to point it out. (I always hate it when someone ELSE catches your mistakes.) And I spilled coffee on my shirt. FOR THE SECOND DAY IN A ROW.

And then we had the strangest night ever as it relates to Nikki and her soccer. I had to confront her coach about something I was unhappy with before the game because I was just dropping her off and heading to Wes’s game. I hate that kind of confrontation, I’m much better over email where I can sort out my words. But this guy doesn’t do email. So it left me feeling all discombobulated. Then it turns out there was even more chaos during the game so I had to come home and send emails (THANK GOD FOR EMAIL) regarding the situation and it just had my day end on a really weird note.


Right before bed Wes decided to accuse his sister of writing something in one of his books that he CLEARLY wrote himself. We’re in a “lying” phase right now and typically he comes clean after I point out how much worse punishments are if lying is involved. And he STILL held fast that it wasn’t him. Now, he did point out he doesn’t write his name the exact way so part of me was wondering if maybe it was OLD and he had forgotten but he didn’t consider that he just started screaming, “I AM NOT LYING!” at the top of his lungs over and over and over again. AND IT WAS WEIRD. Because he usually comes clean about that kind of stuff, it was obviously his handwriting (although maybe awhile ago) and so it was hard to deal with his insistence because it was like he BELIEVED it but it was obviously NOT TRUE but he was freaking out and Y’ALL! It WAS JUST A WEIRD DAY.

And then there were middle-of-the-night foot cramps from Wes. And that’s not super common anymore so it was just like weird icing on a weird cake.

Today we deal with the aftermath of the weird. Try to sort out the soccer issue, try to encourage Wes to see the possibility that he wrote this in his book a long time ago and forgot, try to remember that the year is 2015.

(Y’all, I actually wrote 2016 just then and had to correct it. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?)

Some days are just fallouts from days before. And that’s okay. Because everyone poops.

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  1. If it helps any, I read the title of the post in question at least 7 times, completely baffled by why there was an issue, before it dawned on me that it really isn’t 2016. *headslap*

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