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Achievement Level: Nude Bra

No one should wake up at 3am on Labor Day.

This was what was going through my head at 3am this morning. I am going into work today because I have a lot of catch-up to do from last week and the office will be nice and quiet, but I don’t have to get there by 7am like I normally do, and was kinda hoping to run first so…

No one should wake up at 3am on Labor Day.

I tossed and turned for awhile thinking about financial collapses caused by hackers, apocalypse-causing viruses, and being trapped on Mars…


Finished watching: Mr. Robot
Finished reading: Station Eleven
Currently reading: The Martian

I dozed of for awhile trying to do that whole “relax every part of your body starting with your toes” thing that sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t, and finally got up for the day at 5am.


IMG_9491I did two amazing things this weekend. First? I took an idea I saw somewhere on the interwebs and made it even better. I saw a closet-door shoe holder used to hold water bottles, but I modified it a bit to also hold things like our blinky lights or headlights or running gels and water bottle holders. (Click the picture to see it bigger.) We have cabinets for our bottles but they take up a lot of space so this clears up some of that space and then puts the gels and the blinkies all close to the bottles which makes more sense than keeping everything in different places.


IMG_9508The second amazing thing I did was BUY A NUDE BRA.

Here’s the thing. Every time we have to get dressed up for something I have various panic attacks over what to wear or how to wear makeup. (I own mascara which I wear regularly and some eyeliner that I always TRY to wear on special occasions but never quite get it right. AND I OWN NO OTHER MAKEUP.) Sometimes I panic over what purse to carry (my normal purses are very utilitarian) or how to fix my hair (my hair is so variable based on the weather) but it is NEVER EASY. This weekend we were going to a wedding and Donnie bought a suit and looked amazing which put all sorts of pressure on me.

I can’t have you looking like a damn magazine cover and me looking like the schlumpy girl who lives under the bridge and talks to pigeons.

I found some clearance jewelry and shoes and a non-clearance blouse I kinda liked to go with a skirt I had but the blouse was sheer and I have never ever owned a nude bra.

Full-disclosure: I wear sports bras 95% of the time. I only wear “regular” bras with certain dresses where the straps of the sports bra don’t work right. I HATE REGULAR BRAS.

But – this was sheer and you’d be able to slightly see anything I wore under it so I needed it to NOT be obviously a sports bra and it needed to be as close to my skin color as possible. So, at age 40, I bought my first ever nude bra.

This feels like something I probably should have always had as an adult female but…you know…I still have free-range eyebrows (“Free-Range Eyebrows” – the title of my upcoming memoirs.) and don’t own high heels so I tend to march to the beat of my own female drummer.

I felt very proud! Think of all of the outfit possibilities there are out there waiting for me now that I own a nude bra! THE WORLD IS MY OYSTER.

I know it’s hard to surpass my amazingness this weekend, but did you come close? I mean – maybe not “Nude Bra” close…but “Organizing Running Gear” close? My awesomeness is a little unattainable by most standards.

7 thoughts on “Achievement Level: Nude Bra”

  1. Love the bottle organizing idea! Maybe we need to do that with all of my granddaughter’s sippy cups. My cabinet is overflowing with them.

    Free Range Eyebrows. I must borrow this term. I do absolutely nothing to my eyebrows, since they tend to blend in with my complexion, and are also obscured by my glasses. My girls, however, are regulars at the Benefit Brow Bar at Ulta. Whatevs.

  2. I have one of those shoe organizers for bathroom stuff: bandages, lotions, extra razors, etc. I also bought one for my tiny pantry so I can try to clear up some shelf space, but the door is so skinny that I am going to have to cut the organizer in half length wise. Maybe I’ll try to do that today.

    You guys look fabulous, by the way!

  3. I’m totally using your water bottle organizer idea. Doing that will free up SO MUCH shelf space! (We have water bottles galore!!)

    And I did absolutely nothing amazing this weekend unless you count laundry and unloading/loading the dishwasher.

  4. The hubs and I repainted my 10yr old sons room. I totally didnt do my husband’s 40th b’day justice but in mu defence this was our only free weekend during soccer season to get it done. I also have free range eyebrows and rarely wear makeup and have never even tried to wear eyeliner and currently don’t own a skirt or dress that fits . I always tell everyone I failed to take How to be a girl 101.

  5. Great idea for the water bottles, etc. I will try that if I find the right place to hang it.

    You guys look awesome.

  6. I’m also clueless about makeup, too. My skin seems to react to everything so when I try I end up with peeling skin everywhere. Fancy!
    Anyway you look great!

  7. This post definitely had me laughing out loud! Who woulda thought that fleshtone underwear would give you the world on a platter? And makeup is so problematic especially as one gets older. I find I need to retool and retrain every 5 years since I turned 36.

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