The Draft Folder

Y’all? I have so many entries in my draft folder it’s ridiculous. I used to maintain my draft folder and either follow-up on entries I had given up on, or delete them. But I do things like I did this morning – spend an hour on an entry – and then decide it wasn’t quite where I wanted it to be, and so I give up.

The implied next words are “for now” but I rarely ever revisit a draft entry. So, I should probably just delete them all. BUT I CAN’T. Because most of them are quite serious and thought provoking and have a lot of my heart in them and I just couldn’t quite get them to the point of “let’s publish this!” so I gave up.

Because I blog like everyone tells you to write. I just sit down and write. Every morning. Some mornings I have planned out entries, others? I just write what first pops into my head. The point though of this exercise is to JUST WRITE and see what comes out. And this morning it was me pontificating on the use of the word “love” by fundamentalist Christians who say they “love” their gay friends and family but who don’t want them in marriages with people they’re attracted to. I wrote like a million words on that, but didn’t click “publish” because I felt like it wasn’t quite right.

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 5.35.05 AM

When I went to view it in the Draft Folder I saw I had 163 draft entries and I was like Shit. That’s a lot of unfinished thoughts. I jumped back to the first page of drafts which was from 2011, I guess the last time I kept tabs on my draft folder? And y’all? There was an entry titled Thoughts on ‘Breaking Dawn’. Um…okay…so maybe not all of the entries in the draft folder are deep and thought provoking. Maybe some of them I just didn’t publish because I WAS TRYING TO RETAIN SOME DIGNITY.

There was also one titled In Defense Of The Sponge and I don’t even have the slightest recollection of what that’s about. Were people really hard on sponges in 2011?

Anyway. There’s 163 unpublished entries in that folder and I’m pretty sure at least 1 or 2 had the potential to be something good. Probably not the Breaking Dawn one, and probably not the sponge one, but maybe some of the others! Many were untitled so who knows what those were about. Maybe washcloths! Or New Moon!

So I think I’m going to challenge myself once a week to find one of those entries to publish…after some editing of course. I’m fairly certain none of them are perfect as is. I’ll add a note telling the world that it’s a Draft Folder Reject. Don’t get your hopes up that I pull out the Breaking Dawn one anytime soon, but maybe I’ll tackle the subject of Sponge Shame. That seems pretty serious.

6 thoughts on “The Draft Folder”

  1. Not gonna lie, I am DYING to see that Breaking Dawn post!!! And the post you wanted to write today, about fundamentalists “loving” gay people but not wanting them to marry…that sounds like a great post.

  2. Now I’m madly curious about the sponge entry!

    I have lots of drafts on my blog, too. Looking them over is on my get-to-someday list.

  3. Hey! Can you do some book recommendations? I always get good ones off your list! I think you recommended the Girl With All the Gifts? Station Eleven? I loved them and need more to read!

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