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Week 01 of Training

This week has been strange. I’ve discovered that sleeping with my phone out of my room helps me sleep later, but on days I run in the mornings, I try to leave the house for my run at 5:30 and leave the house for work by 7am so I have to have all of my daily work (lunches packed, laundry done, kitty litter changed) before I leave for my run so all I have to do afterwards is clean up for work. So – on the days I know I’m going to run – I kinda have to get up by 3:30.

Due to Donnie’s workout schedule (remember, he gets first priority in summer and I get first priority in winter) I usually only get Mondays and Fridays to run and since sometimes those are my only two days…I have to take them. And this week? Due to his own issues, I was able to get a run in on Tuesday and Thursday too. And while part of me is all GET SOME SLEEP, LADY!, the other part of me is all, You only got to run ONCE last week, you better take advantage when you can!.

So it’s Friday morning and I’ve only been averaging 5-6 hours of sleep per night and thanks to one night of Wes’s leg cramps and another night waiting to hear from E in the ER of his college down (he thought he broke his ankle, only a severe sprain) those hours have been quite uneven. BUT STILL…today is my day to run! I MUST RUN OR I MAY NEVER GET ANOTHER CHANCE!

And while part of me is super-glad that I’m looking at these days as DAYS I CAN RUN! and have been able to resist the pull of my bed for the call of the pavement…part of me is all, “Dude. I just need some sleep.”


But I am determined to do a little better with my mid-week runs this year. Last season I did 2 marathons and 3 50Ks with only weekend long runs with the periodic mid-week run. I just had a hard time motivating myself so I’m kinda wanting to keep this motivation going forward so it will carry me through since – officially – my 100K training started this week.

SHIT. 100K. That’s a lot of miles.

I use my training plan as a guide and I’ve incorporated some speed work into it because I’d love to try for a sub-2hr 13.1 in November but I’m not sure the weight I’ve gained will allow it. I need to really focus on getting these extra pounds off if I want my training to go more smoothly. But I’d love to be able to stick to the general miles-per-week the plan calls for, even if I split it up differently.

(I hate speed work.)

Anyway – that’s where I’m at the first week of training. Tired as shit but rolling out in 45 minutes for another 6-mile run. Let’s hope I can run them happy.

4 thoughts on “Week 01 of Training”

  1. I hear ya (virtual, running) sista!! Speed work does suck, as do hills IMHO. It is hard to fit it all in to an already full life, but you are doing it!! With the love and support of your family- and the interwebz- you will kick that 100K right in the….patootie?? (it’s only 8.30 too early for cursin’!)

    You go Kim- I think you are awesome!!

  2. So, not to rock the boat, but could Donnie do lunches and housework on the days that you run…since you do it on the days that he trains? Or could he (or you) do it the night before when you know you’re going to run the next day? Or get the kids to do it in the morning or the night before?

    Just trying to get you your valuable sleep…and have you value it as well.

  3. Just wanted to add – since you’ve admitted before that you struggle with delegating – think of sleep as an important part of training. Your body needs to rest to repair itself. So Donnie packing lunches and pitching in with laundry can be part of your training plan 🙂

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