On a lighter note…

Facebook just told me I uploaded this picture two years ago – which doesn’t make any sense because it’s got to be about 5 years old. But my point is: LOOK AT MY BABIES. Sometimes these flashback tools in social media serve no other purpose but to remind me how freakin’ adorable my kids used to be. Not that they’re not beautiful now, but they’re not ADORABLE…these two kids in this picture are so damn adorable MY EYES HURT. It’s hard to believe that angelic face on the left just loudly exclaimed this weekend, “MOM! I poop a poop as big as a snake!” from the bathroom.


3 thoughts on “On a lighter note…”

  1. This is an adorable picture and lovely to see but I hope you didn’t feel that you needed to post it to take your previous post from the top of your feed.

    I have to say that you write amazingly well about the difficult topics and I feel that some of the posts you have shared in the last few weeks have been some of your best.

    (obviously excluding the posts about boob sweat – we all miss those!)

  2. Thank you…and you know me too well. I do sometimes worry leaving the heavy stuff up top…is that silly? Probably.

    BUT OH MY GOD. The boob sweat this year is terrible. I should be writing about it because I have permanent discolored skin under my boobs from chaffing from all of the sweat. I AM SO SEXY.

  3. Great to know I am not the only member of the Boob Sweat Club !!
    Aren’t little boys fun , lol
    But little girls can come up with some doozies sometimes…….

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