I’m Proudly Politically Correct.

I could share this meme/graphic out on Facebook because – as a non-believer – I guess the Bible kind of sounds like this to me too. But you know why I don’t? Because I’m not an asshat.


I respect the Christians in my community and my family way to much to post something disrespectful like this. Is it my belief? Maybe. I guess. I don’t even like claiming those words in any way but technically I guess I do sometimes think like this in relation to words in the bible. But do I want to broadcast it across social media and stand by it? HELL NO. Not in a million years. BECAUSE I AM NOT AN ASSHAT.

I don’t think of this as being politically correct, even if that’s what it is. I think of it as being respectful of an opinion or a belief that many people in my community hold.

You can still have your convictions, even if they’re contrary to popular opinion, and still be politically correct. 84% of people in my state are Christians who believe Jesus was the son of God. Being politically correct doesn’t mean my politics or beliefs have to align with any other group, I don’t have to become a Christian to be politically correct. Being politically correct just means I don’t want to be an asshat and alienate people with the way I choose to convey my convictions to my community. I’m a vocal atheist, almost everyone on Facebook knows that because I reference it often. But I try to convey that in a way that doesn’t offend the people who do believe Jesus was the son of God. Yes, that’s me being politically correct. But mainly? It’s just me being respectful and kind. And I don’t see anything wrong with that.

3 thoughts on “I’m Proudly Politically Correct.”

  1. I am also an atheist. Most of my friends are Christian. I just sent a mug with a Christian saying on it to a sweet friend because I saw it and immediately thought of her. I support anyone’s [insert beliefs here] provided they are not a) forcing said beliefs on me and b) insisting their beliefs must dictate how everyone else should live their lives/create laws. I have some friends who are devout who know I am atheist and who show me love and kindness, who answer my questions, who are just plain nice. Since I also live by the philosophy of “you get back what you put into the world”, I try to tread carefully when expressing my beliefs as well.

  2. I’m a practicing Christian. I always love this blog, but there are some times, like this post, when I just think to myself, “Gawd, I love this woman.” I could not agree more.

  3. I am a practicing Christian. Although many will disagree with me, I don’t believe that God said “Okay Peter, Mark Luke, David, etc- take notes” The Bible was written by men based on their idea of what God wanted them to write. Most of it is History. I raised my daughter as a Christian, she is an atheist. Thats Okay with me. I raised her to think freely and she does.The God I believe in is not that punishing , judgmental dude in the old testament. I believe in the God of grace, and that it is given to anyone. No one has to earn their way into Heaven. We all sin and there is not a ranking, All sins are forgiven

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