Depression Sucks. Pens Don’t.

IMG_9082So, the Zoot Girls had a rough night last night. Nikki is having a rough go of things as she inherited my empathy – which I’m thankful for – but also my sensitivity, anxiety, and depression. All of the negatives came to a meeting last night and she and I spent a lot of time crying together. I kept telling her there were doctors she could talk to that were much smarter than me and maybe they could help her more than I can but she says she doesn’t want to do that. So today I must make a call anyway, on her behalf, because I’m not equipped to help her how she needs to be helped. And I hope she’ll be okay with that.

I wonder what the doctor will suggest, perhaps some anti-depressants or therapy. I’ve always thought that moral support could help. But with depression being such a complicated issue to tackle, a lot of different ways should be considered to support my wonderful daughter. Maybe a better understanding of moral support (moral support meaning) could help? Some of my friends who struggle with anxiety and depression have told me that being around positive people helps them manage their mental health. But it can still feel impossible to help though even with the moral support from friends and family so I hope the doctor can find a treatment for her.

But since it’s a heavy mood in my heart today as parenting is tough and anxiety and depression suck giant donkey balls, I’m going instead to tell you about a new pen. Uni-ball has always had the signo 207 which is my 2nd favorite off-the-shelf pen, but the 307 is new and is TOTALLY AWESOME. It’s now my 2nd favorite, booting the 207 to 3rd place. BUT. If they start making it in all the colors the 207 comes in? It may push the EnerGel Metal Tip out of the first place spot in my heart.

Send my beautiful daughter happy thoughts today, guys. She needs it.

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  1. My thoughts are with her and you. Tell her that it’s okay to talk to someone else. I went to someone way smarter than me and she gave me great ideas to help me get through those horrible days. Also, it’s okay to cry. I just go to the bathroom, lock the stall, cry for a few minutes, splash my face with cold water and go back to the world. It’s much harder when you try to hold it in and keep all the world’s burdens on your shoulders. (Oh, and mom’s are always good for that too!) Hugs!

  2. Sending good thoughts to both of you. A talking doctor can do a world of good and what a great example you are setting by getting her the help she needs – even if she’s hesitant. Parenting is hard.

  3. My daughter has talked to a counselor for several reasons including her reactions to her learning issues at first, her grief over her grandmother’s death, and problems with other girls at school. She was hesitant at first but I think it really helped. If you think it would help if she talked to Nikki about what it was like, let me know and maybe we can get them together sometime soon. She still has crying episodes too sometimes, but much less often and I think the counselor has given her several tools to work things out on her own especially when things come up at school.

  4. My husband has been struggling with depression for years but it has gotten worse lately. I was finally able to get him to make an appointment to talk to someone. He was hesitant at first but now says it helps having someone to talk to.
    Big hugs for your girl. I hope she can find some peace soon.

  5. Hope today was a better day and always keep in mind that if you have a bad day, you still have tomorrow to look forward to and it might be pretty cool. 🙂

  6. I’m sending some good juju to you both. (I’ve been to counseling at two different periods in my life and it helped immensely.) I was thinking about Harry Potter as I read the first half of your post and a bunch of quotes came to mind, mostly from Dumbledore. And one from Hagrid, too. But the one from Dumbledore that came to mind in particular was from his speech about how it’s brave to stand up to your enemies but even braver to stand up to your friends. I think it’s just as brave to face your own heart and brain, too. It takes a lot of people a long time to figure that out and I think having you for her mom puts her ahead of the curve on that one!

  7. I would check with your school. Some of the public schools have a federal grant. Liscensed counselors see the students right at their school (familiar setting) In the Summer, they see the kids at the NOVA center. It has been a great way to do it for my “granddaughter” Also this Summer I met a friends 10 year old granddaughter. She said she had been to the Dr that morning. I asked her if it was for a check-up. She said no I have a feelings Dr. I thought that was a great way to say it. I told her I had one , too

  8. I love the thought that depression and anxiety suck giant donkey balls- they do. Yes depression and anxiety can be inherited. Yes she got it from you.However, she has a Mom that completely understands and knows what to do about it. My Mom was bipolar, my daughter ADHD and has depression. I thought – Wowe- This escaped me and went right to my daughter- WRONG- It just took a little longer to show its ugly head.

  9. Oh gosh can I relate. Change has always been one of my triggers, and going back to school was always so hard. So many people to meet, so many forced social interactions, so many new authority figures to worry about. No joke, at 40 I still get sympathy anxiety for the kids on the first day of school when I see them out waiting for the bus. Hugs to you and N. It will pass, but oh is it hard.

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