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Hmm…So Those 8 Million Articles Were Right.

I’ve been reading about the importance of leaving your cell phone far away from where you sleep for YEARS. But I never really thought it applied to me because I don’t really use my phone when I can’t sleep.

BUT. I use it when I need to know the TIME because there are no clocks in my room and I don’t wear a watch anymore.

So, since I’ve been so desperate for something to help me sleep consistently past 3am, I thought Maybe I should give up the phone-as-a-clock method and see if it works?

Yesterday? 4am! Today? 4:30am!


I don’t know about being cured, but not having a “screen” to look at when I need to know the time seems to maybe helped a little? It also means that I don’t use it to wind-down at night…surfing instagram or Facebook. Maybe there’s something to the light itself being a bad thing to be exposing yourself to in proximity to your sleeping time? Maybe?

Or maybe I was just so damn tired it my body was just like, “IT IS TIME TO SLEEP. LET US SLEEP NOW.”

It helps that Nikki gave me a watch for my birthday so it gives me a softer source of light when I need to know the time, and that light doesn’t come with random notifications from apps that I may want to also check after I check the time. Many nights I did end up doing that, even unintentionally.

SO! What other tips from the internet have I been ignoring because I totally don’t think they apply to me?

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  1. I keep telling my husband this, but he – like you did – thinks the research doesn’t apply to him. And then he’s frequently dragging or nodding off around 7 PM because of his 4 AM wakeups. Glad at least one of you has seen the light (or, not seen the light so early, in this case).

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