Seeking Solace In A T-Shirt Drawer

I sat down this morning and wrote this entry where I basically unloaded all of this build-up of anxiety and how I have SO MUCH TO DO and SO LITTLE TIME TO DO IT and then I stopped, I read the words and I said to myself is this really how we want to start your week?


Let’s talk instead about my crazy-as-shit t-shirt drawer! And how I’ll be starring in the sequel to Sleeping With The Enemy any day now! (As the OCD bad guy, of course. Julia Roberts would not have appreciated my happy t-shirt drawer.)

I read about the KonMarie method of decluttering recently (along with the rest of the world) and it fit in very well with the whole DOWNSIZING adventure we’re embarking on. We got rid of about 15 bags of clothing and it has been AMAZING how good it has felt to open drawers and know that I enjoy every item in every drawer in some capacity.

I didn’t apply most of her folding techniques because the type of clothes I wear a lot aren’t conducive to folding. It’s hard to “fold” tech clothes. So, they’re just thrown in a drawer still. BUT! I got rid of all of the stuff I didn’t love so at least when I’m digging I know that everything I grab is good.

But my cotton t-shirts are perfect for her method. It took me awhile to find a good “fold” dimension that would maximize the space in the drawer, I ended up with more of a roll than a fold. But – what I love about this is the part I actually mock the most with her method.

She personifies everything. This method is not just about making you happy, it’s about making your stuff happy too. And everything is happier if it has a place to live and is enjoyed. My favorite thing about folding my shirts in this way is that when the shirt gets clean again, it has this one blank spot in my drawer waiting for it. And while I ridicule that part of her method all of the time, I can’t help but think to myself, My shirt is happy knowing that this spot is waiting for it to return.

I still ball up my socks (she’s against that because your socks are not happy all balled up like that) because my sock drawer is not really a problem area and I know that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And my pants/shorts and stuff…I haven’t really found a good fold/roll that works for that stuff and still maximizes the dimensions of the drawer. Your goal is to not have anything stacked, you need to be able to see everything when you open the drawer, and just the type of clothes I wear make that a little tricky. My shorts are short, they kinda only fold in one way. I rolled my pants/blue jeans and we’ll see if that’s effective come winter, but I haven’t really found a good system for my shorts yet. That drawer is not as nice as my t-shirt drawer. Each pair doesn’t have it’s own spot yet. MY SHORTS ARE NOT HAPPY.

But my t-shirts? They’re happy. So I thought I’d focus on my happy t-shirts this morning instead of my overwhelming anxiety regarding the upcoming week. I’ve gotten rid of enough t-shirts, and found the perfect fold/roll, that my t-shirt drawer is one of the happiest places in my house. Everything in that drawer is loved and everything has it’s place. I’m just going to use that as my meditation focal point today. That makes me happy.

That and my new bullet journal.


I ordered the Leuchtturm1917 this time because their dotted versions come in hard cover, unlike Moleskine. And while it’s a little big for my Rickshaw bags folio which I love, it does fit into my old Fossil Kindle cover which was what I used for my bullet journal cover before I found the Rickshaw bags folios. I’m not sure yet if I would stick to this notebook if Moleskine announced tomorrow that they were offering hardcover versions of their dotted journals…I’ll offer a full review in the near future, but I definitely like it enough to use it until they do. And I kinda like switching back to my Fossil Kindle cover, I forgot how much I loved that thing. It’s just pretty.

SO! I’m not going to dump words about overwhelming anxiety today. I might still puke them out tomorrow, but I wanted to start this week instead with things making me happy. Things that actually help with my anxiety. Everything having a place and clutter removed so I can enjoy the things that make me happy…that is a huge tool in the battle against my stress. And my bullet journal? The place where I organize all of my overwhelming To Do lists? That is the #1 weapon in my arsenal. Otherwise it really would all be just too much to handle.

But. If you are one of the gagillion people I’ve let down the last few weeks as I’ve gotten more and more behind on life, please forgive me. I’m really going to try to catch up this week. I’m crossing my fingers that my kids are all better. (No fevers since Saturday morning!) And that this week will continue without conflict, and that way I can get caught up on life before school starts back up in 2 weeks.

But if I can’t get caught up? I’ll seek solace in my t-shirt drawer and my bullet journal.

3 thoughts on “Seeking Solace In A T-Shirt Drawer”

  1. I just set up my shirt drawer this past weekend! I ironed every single shirt, folded it, rolled it, and then I read another tip somewhere: I have three shoe boxes (bottoms only) that I put in the drawer, so now I have three rows of shirts.

    I’ll try to do the same thing with my shorts and everything else this week.

  2. Your tshirt drawer even makes ME happy! Thanks for reminding me to hang out with happy this morning.

  3. I am jealous of that drawer! The way we’re living right now, I really don’t have anywhere to put my clothes that I can *see* them, let alone all laid out nicely like that.

    (I also really like the phrase “happy t-shirts;” reminds me of something Bob Ross would say.)

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