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Hello To The Next Decade Of Awesome.

I’m 40 today. I’ve been looking forward to 40 since, about 37 probably. My 30s were 1 million times better than my 20s so I’m banking on the same trend for my next decade in this body, on this earth. This body and this earth better not disappoint me in that regard.

There are a lot of things with me that are exactly the same was me in my 30s, but a lot of things are dramatically different as well. I still drink too much Diet Coke but I’m mostly an herbivore in my diet. I still love Harry Potter and reading Young Adult Fiction, but I also read adult fiction and even non-fiction which I hated when I turned 30. I still sleep with a stuffed animal my Dad gave me for my 10th birthday, but I finally stopped wearing his watch. I still have my favorite TV shows that I won’t miss but we no longer have cable. I still don’t really care about makeup or manicures or hairstyles, but I have started dressing up for work every day…and liking it. I still am terrified of large social gatherings with strangers, but I very much look forward to small gatherings of friends. I’m still married to the love of my life, but we have two more kids now. I’m a Mom to three now, instead of one, but one of those children is now a legal adult. I’m still a Daddy’s girl, even after he’s been gone for 6 years. I still am a lover of animals, but we’re down two from when I turned 30 and I still miss them terribly. I’m still blogging here, although less about infertility and pregnancy and more about running and bullet journals.

The one area that is drastically different is the area of fitness. When I turned 30 I hadn’t even run my first 5K. When I eventually did run a few, I had one that took me 39 minutes and I now have a sub 25-minute PR. I am currently signed up for my first 100K while I didn’t even know such a thing existed at 30. I didn’t swim or ride bikes and now I’m a triathlete. I had never uttered the word “burpee” or “plank” and no I got to boot camps for fun where burpees and planks are usually on the menu. My level of fitness at 40 is a million times higher than my level of fitness was at 30 and because of that, I can’t wait to see where I’m at when I turn 50.

The most fascinating thing to me about aging is looking back – not only on achievements I’ve made – but on how many of those I wasn’t even dreaming about a decade ago. I didn’t know about triathlons or ultra marathons when I turned 30. But I had also never heard the words “bullet journal” or “zendoodle” – two words I use daily now. I’m definitely looking forward to pursuing the challenges currently in my scope, but I also hope to discover new challenges that I don’t know to set my sights on yet.

I’m going to spend some time this morning with my new bullet journal (I’m switching to Leuchtturm1917 because their dotted notebooks come in HARDCOVER, I’ll report back after I’ve been using it a bit.) and then I’m going to go for a ride and a run before drifting into work a little later than usual. Then I’m going to eat dinner at my favorite restaurant and be sad my oldest child can’t celebrate with me.

But mostly today I’ll just be happy to be 40. I surround myself with people who prove age is no boundary for adventure, so another year is just another opportunity to be awesome. Another day to set fire to the world with my enthusiasm and spread joy in my community with my endless love for my friends and family. I’ve been beyond blessed these 40 years and I look forward to next decade of achievements.


19 thoughts on “Hello To The Next Decade Of Awesome.”

  1. Happy Happy Birthday Kim!!! I will join you in 52 days in the round age number category. Just a couple of higher numbers on the front of the 0!!!????????????????????????????

  2. happy birthday, Zoot! Wishing you a day and a decade full of happiness!

    I agree with you about life vastly improving at age 30, by the way. My life just started to get better and happier in every way throughout my 30s. I’m 37 now and looking forward to the 40s, too, in that same way.

  3. Happy birthday, Kim! My 40s have been pretty good to me so far, especially fitness-wise. And thanks to your support and your group runs I joined, I am now an ultra runner too! I’ve still got to figure out my next goal!

  4. Happy Birthday, Miss Zoot! It seems to me that you have earned every single one of those blessings you are able to count.

  5. Happy Birthday Kim! I can say that 40s were definitely better than 30s. It wasn’t until my 40s that I finally stopped caring so much about other peoples opinions of my life. 50 is right around the corner and I’m sort of freaked about being that damn old, but looking forward to seeing what they bring.

  6. Happy Birthday to the greatest daughter a Mom could possibly have. I love you honey

  7. Happy Birthday! Today is my birthday too. I’m just a few years ahead of you.

    I love how you showed that you’re still the same as you were 10 years ago, but you’ve also grown and changed for the better. That’s the great thing about getting older. We can learn and grow and make positive changes.

  8. Woot Zoot! Have a very happy birthday today. I’m sure E will be thinking about you. Enjoy your ride & run, and also the dinner out tonight!

  9. happy birthday, girl!
    if i could send E there (and myself and A!), i SO would!!! 🙂

  10. Happy birthday! And thanks for the gift you give all of us in allowing us to share your growth!

  11. Happy birthday, my friend. 40 looks and sounds damn good on you! I hope we can catch up in person sometime in this decade ;)…in the meantime, here’s to a year…a decade…a life of awesome adventures! Xo

  12. Happy birthday to you! (bit late, i know ;). Have a wonderful new, fresh and exiting decade!

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