We took our first vacation in 6 years in May. Part of the reason why it wasn’t a priority before was that the two week-long beach trips we took years ago nearly killed me. Having to care for small children away from home is a giant pain in the ass. Home is where all of the things are they are used to. Getting them used to naptime and bedtime and meal time in a strange place makes no vacation relaxing. It always nice to look at something like this private jet charter cost estimator and think about what might have been.

But I noticed in May that even with older children, if you’re the primary caregiver, vacations are still exhausting. I still had to do laundry halfway through our trip, I still monitored meal time and food needs for 3 of the 5 people. I packed snacks everywhere we went and tried to organize schedules so everyone got to do what they wanted. I got up stupid early to take advantage of early park hours just so I didn’t make everyone else suffer through my need to photograph every inch of Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade and so I could practice my spells without people being bored.

My vacation was still very much about caring for the family. I did all of the packing for Nikki and Wes, I loaded up the car for the trip and drove halfway. On the day we left I packed everything into the van myself and then when we got home I did all of the laundry from the trip.

Vacations are damn exhausting.

But today? I leave for a real vacation. I leave tonight and come back late Monday night. 5 days of worrying about ONLY myself. I’ve managed to organise some cheap airport parking, similar to the discounted Orlando Airport Parking that is available, so that’s managed to save me a little bit of money too! No one else will be depending on me for clean clothes or meals. I won’t have to clean the kitty litter twice a day or wash dishes. I won’t have to pack lunches or cook dinners. I won’t have to worry about bed times or leg cramps or nightmares. It’s me and only me for FIVE DAYS. I can wake up and run and not worry about whether or not Donnie has a workout first.

My brother and his wife are flying me to Denver as a birthday gift. They’re flying my Mom out too and we’re all spending the weekend in Breckenridge. I get to see my one nephew that I haven’t seen in over a year (I think? I’m pretty sure it’s been since they came for my 50-miler.) and I haven’t seen my SECOND nephew yet! He was born in January so I haven’t met him yet. I AM SO EXCITED.

Of course, there’s still the Primary Caregiver stuff I have to do before I leave. Make sure all the laundry is done. Make sure the house is clean enough that it can be picked up for a showing. Make sure there are groceries and pet food and kitty litter. This time around, the place we decided to go to didn’t allow animals in, so we had to leave our pet cat at home. We’ll be sure to take her on one of the pet vacations very soon. And I had to make sure Donnie knows schedules and obligations while I’m gone.

But once I’m on that plane? It’s all him. And all I have to do is make my nephews love me in 5 days. (The baby should be easy to win over, I’ll have to bribe my older nephew with ice cream and candy when his parents aren’t looking.) (Just kidding, Guys!)

I might blog from there, but I’m not sure how the internet availability will be. I’ll definitely be posting pictures of mountains on Instagram. I’m actually doing a 10K on the Fourth in Breckenridge which should be interesting. I ran in Denver when I visited several years ago and it was terrible because they have this weird situation where THERE IS NOT ENOUGH OXYGEN TO RUN. Luckily the ONLY time limit is that I have like an hour and a half to get to the aid station at mile 2.8. Even with no oxygen, I think I can swing that.

See you in the mountains!

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  1. We went to Breck in May/June. Coming from Ohio, the altitude nearly killed us. We spent a week just outside of Breckenridge, in a cabin in Alma. Such beautiful country out there.

  2. Good for you! Vacations sans kids are much more relaxing. And I’m from Denver, so I’m used to thin air, but when I ran the Spartan Beast in Breck a few weeks ago the altitude nearly knocked me flat. (Or maybe it was running up and down the snow-covered ski slopes for miles. Who knows!)
    Breckenridge is BEAUTIFUL, though, so I hope you enjoy yourself!

  3. Enjoy!
    And I’m all with you, I’m now on the train for a five day trip without kids to Oxford (hp locations whoot!). It’s five pm now and I have spend the day running around making sure everything is in order but now I’m free!!!

  4. I’m in Denver, too! Have fun, but be careful about the altitude…it is no joke. Drink lots of water. I also recommend a stop by the cookie place on Main street in Breck. They have a cookie dough stuffed cookie sandwich 🙂 Also for amazing pizza try Giampietro Pasta & Pizzeria. Have fun!!

  5. I always think about how great it will be to get away by myself then I think about all the stuff I have to do for me to get away (laundry, groceries, etc) but it’s usually worth it to enjoy time away–usually with my Mom on a trip.
    I live in the mountains of NM and altitude takes getting used to–make sure you use plenty of sunscreen, drink plenty of water, and take your time to acclimate.

  6. Yay, you’re back out in my neck of the woods! Yup, keep drinking even more water… And then some more. Good luck with the run and have fun in beautiful Breck! Summit County is awesome in the summer.

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