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Thoughts of Rainbows

Nikki and I went to a local reception celebrating the SCOTUS ruling last night. It was so crowded and stuffy we didn’t stay long, and that fact alone brings me immense joy. There were two men who got married there and I cried for the millionth time for the day. One the way home we stopped by Publix for snacks to eat during the World Cup game and there was a honest-to-god Rainbow in they sky. It was amazing.

I woke up thinking about all of the forms of support I saw in my community yesterday. I was thinking about text messages and emails and how many people liked Instagram photos or Facebook statuses of mine proclaiming my joy and enthusiasm for the ruling. I was thinking how much that means, seeing someone I didn’t know to be an ally before, clicking “LIKE” on something like that. How that simple gesture from someone who is part of a religion I don’t believe in, someone who votes opposite than me at every election, someone who gets their News from sources I don’t even know exist…how wonderful of a feeling it is to see that person “LIKED” my celebratory postings. It shows me how this issue really does cross all borders because being gay or bisexual or transgender is not a political stance any more than my curly hair is.

The storms woke me up before 3am this morning so I got to work on some domestic chores and made this little graphic so I can preserve my favorite part of the ruling yesterday, in all of it’s rainbow glory.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts of Rainbows”

  1. This graphic is beautiful! Do you mind if I download it and print it out?

  2. I second that!!! Please create a download- what a great way to spread the news and spread our joy as supporters and loved ones of our communities

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