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I need to be a triathlon training couch potato…can you help?

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 4.56.56 AMSo! I’m training for an Olympic Distance Triathlon which has a 26-mile long bike. Since Donnie gets dibs on times mornings for his daily workouts, I do 99% of my bike rides on the trainer. (A base that turns your bike into a spin bike, basically.) I finished the first season of The 100 for the first stretch of the season, but at 5’ish hours a week, that was over quick. I tried to watch Salem because I heard about it through Nerdist, but it’s REALLY gory for a Puritan-era drama. Witches back then needed lots of blood and nudity for their spells, evidently, and that’s not idea on the trainer.

I need something that I have at least a full season of. Remember – I’m not a fan of grown-up shows. I fast forward through a lot of stuff which I can’t do on a trainer. It needs to be mild enough that I can just leave it going, but it also needs to be entertaining enough to keep me distracted.

I would love to watch the second season of The 100 but since it’s still so new, it’s almost $4 an episode and I can’t hang with paying that much. If you recommend a TV show enough, I don’t mind paying $25 for a season of it or so, but I don’t want to pay much more than that.

OR! even good movies that are out right now on Amazon Prime? They need to be the “free” ones because I don’t want to spend $5 entertaining myself for a 2-hour bike ride.

SO! What are your recommendations? I watch on my laptop while I ride…so really Netflix, Hulu, HBO NOW, and Amazon Prime are all options!

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  1. I’m not sure if you’re into silly cop dramas, but I’ve been bingeing on Castle – mostly because it means I get a massive Nathan Fillion fix. It’s not particularly gory, or serious. In fact, it gets more and more camp as the seasons go on.

    Not sure what the Amazon status is in the US, but in the UK there are six 21-episode seasons on Prime, so it’s got a lot of volume there!

    I also really liked Nashville (or at least the two seasons on UK Amazon Prime). Mostly for the music.

  2. Grace and Frankie is absolutely fabulous! The Mindy Project – The Office – Parks and Rec – Bob’s Burgers – The Fosters.

  3. I have only caught a few episodes and love it but ABC Family is stingy and it takes forever for them to put episodes on Hulu and I’ll forget and then I’ve missed a few. I tried to watch it anyone, even when Hulu had deleted some, but I was SO CONFUSED. Tons happens on that show in just a few episodes! So I told myself I was going to just stop trying to stay caught up and wait until the full season (because this was the first, right?) is released somewhere. Let me know if you hear if it makes it to Netflix! That would be a PERFECT one! No gore! 🙂

  4. I’ve been hearing about Grace and Frankie – and funny would be good! I tried the Office and couldn’t get into but I know just about every Parks and Rec episode by heart 🙂

  5. Orange is the new black? I haven’t watched it but have only heard good things!

  6. We really liked Once Upon a Time. It is about fairy tale characters who have been transported to a town in Maine by a spell.

  7. I used to watch that and liked it an not sure why I stopped…I should get back into it!

  8. I’ve watched 2 seasons but I’m funny about it – I hate the main character Piper, so I always fast-forward through her scenes. HA! So I do want to watch season 3, but I can’t do it on the trainer b/c then I’d be stuck watching her 🙂

  9. Have you tried VEEP (on HBO)? I love Julia Louis-Dreyfus and it’s only 30 minutes per episode and moves at a fast pace. What about Gilmore Girls? I know, I know…. it’s a little cheesy and may not be your style at all but I loved it! Haha.

  10. Season 3 is so less Piper! I hate her too and was so happy to see the focus more on the other inmates and even the guards. Good season.

  11. Switched at Birth, Pretty Little Liars, Leverage (is adorable!), Jane the Virgin, Defiance

  12. Surprisingly, I loved Big Love. I watched it a couple months ago when we had a free trial of HBO Now. I love the three wives characters – the actors are so good. Snow White from once Upon a Time is one of them.

    It’s a little over the top, but I really enjoyed it.

  13. Did you ever watch Supernatural? I haven’t but a lot of my friends loved it, so its on my list for someday. Also Friday Night Lights, Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Orphan Black.

    I suggest House of Cards (It’s brilliant), Weeds, Big Love., Bates Motel. This season we also started watching How to Get Away With Murder and Gotham,

  14. Big Love is really hysterical and you don’t need to pay THAT much attention. I love Parenthood–I think all the season are on Netflix right now. I’ve been meaning to watch Buffy as well. Hummm, maybe I need a bike trainer.

  15. We recently started watching The Goldbergs. It is set in the ’80s and is very funny, at least to my husband and me since we were teenagers in the ’80s. Our son loves it too. It streams on Hulu. There are only two seasons of it so far. I liked Jane the Virgin this year too. Did you ever watch Freaks and Geeks? I’m not sure who has that but it was great. A lot of biggish stars were on there before they were biggish. But it was only one season.

  16. Younger was a great show this season, although not sure where it’s available.

  17. Sherlock is on Netflix. It’s not completely over, but you can probably watch the three seasons available in one or two weeks of training, I’d bet. On HBO, I really enjoy Last Week Tonight. It’s a comedy news show, and it’s really well done. Downton Abbey and Call the Midwife are my favorite British period dramas. I think Downton Abbey is now only available on Amazon, but I could be wrong. PBS has a good app for current episodes.

  18. WOOO! I hadn’t seen it but Netflix has the worst system for navigation! YAY!

  19. I’m currently watching Covert Affairs on Amazon Prime. I think there are 4 seasons that are free right now. Action without gore. Fun.

  20. “daredevil” on netflix!!! we binged on it a few weekends ago before we started remodeling, and LOVED!!!

    ALSO, if you’re not caught up on all other joss whedon shows? (angel, firefly, dollhouse, etc.) fix that now. 🙂

  21. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix, but there’s only one season so far. Two of my all-time favorite shows are Freaks and Geeks, and Friday Night Lights.

  22. We are currently watching Bomb Girls, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, and Bob’s Burgers. We’ve caught up on Daredevil, Arrow, Supernatural, White Collar (I love this show!), Continuum, Doc Martin, and House of Cards. Warehouse 13 , Doctor Who, Torchwood, and The Guild are also fun.

  23. I seriously want to be Frankie/Lily Tomlin when I grow up…except for the pot. : )- The show is funny, sad, thoughtful – I can’t wait for next season. I’m a late bloomer when it comes to Parks & Rec – I need to start over and watch from the beginning. The Office can be funny, but also painful to watch – Michael Scott makes me sad. Try Bob’s Burgers – I don’t like most animated adult shows – Simpsons, Family Guy – but it’s a great show about family, with a very sarcastic twist.

  24. If you like crime/mystery I binge watched The Killing on Netflix and also really liked Top of the Lake and The Fall. I also really like the PBS series Call the Midwife on Netflix.

  25. McLeod’s Daughters on Hulu (Australian show about sisters who run a farm, lots of pretty people and horses and relatively low stakes drama), and Call the Midwife on Netflix!

  26. Just finished watching “Catastrophe” on Amazon Prime. Hilarious! I like Drunk History, too (also on Amazon Prime).

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