1 Year A Lazy Herbivore

Dammit. I wrote this long post about being a “vegan” for a year and then WordPress ate it. My blog post is not vegan, WORDPRESS.

I have to start my workout so now you get the short version:

  • It’s been a year since I went Lazy Herbivore!
  • Settled in around 99% Vegan (but 100% vegetarian) because I don’t google ingredients to make sure things aren’t animal-derived and sometimes I eat things with dairy or eggs because it was made for me and I don’t want it to go to waste.
  • Biggest Surprise: Donnie has become, essentially, vegetarian and maybe 80% vegan? By choice!
  • Love the Gardein fake meat products b/c the kids love them!
  • Still don’t like the word vegan because it makes people seem to want to prove I’m really NOT a vegan by asking me if I wear leather shoes. I don’t wear leather shoes but I do wear wool socks.
  • I also periodically eat honey.
  • Definitely sticking with it forever.

Sorry this post sucks now. It was a lot longer and had some funny in it. DAMN YOU WORDPRESS.

5 thoughts on “1 Year A Lazy Herbivore”

  1. Why does wearing wool socks make you not vegan? Serious question. I think of wool as coming from a haircut, not the death of an animal.

  2. Oh – totally not my rules! But the word “vegan” has a very specific definition (as NON-vegans like to tell me) and that means I should be using NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS whatsoever.

    But my wool socks keep my feet blister free so, you know, sorry sheep!

  3. ok, serious question, although I feel like it is ridiculous. We often toss around being vegetarian/vegan (and I’ve done it twice for a year + ) but what always holds me back is that we have all this meat and frozen meals with meat in the freezer. Did you deal with that? I mean, I know it seems like a small thing in the big picture, but it honestly holds me back.
    (Just for kicks and giggles, my spouse decided vegetarian was the way to go about 3 weeks after I gave birth and I lost a LOT of blood and I was all about the MEAT, so maybe there is some other stuff involved too.)

  4. We were never one to keep a lot of meat/meals in the freezer. HOWEVER, Since Donnie was eating meat still at first I do still have one bag of frozen chicken in there 🙂 It’s over a year old now, it just sits there. One day I think I’ll blame freezer burn and throw it away!

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