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Buggy 2.0


It all started with me sharing the above photo on instagram with the hashtage #HopeIDontTurnTheWrongStoveEyeOn.

You know, because I didn’t want to burn my ass.

And do you know what I learned?


And we are reliving the buggy incident from early in my blogging career where I found out other people in the country don’t call shopping carts buggies. Now I’m finding out some of you don’t say “stove eye” and my world is shaken again.

So! How many of you have NEVER heard it called a stove eye? Do you just call it a burner? (BORING!) I’m really hoping for something else bizarre that some other geographic region uses, “Oh! We don’t say stove eye, but we say Hot Swizzle!” or something like that because that would make my day.

The next time I’ll hashtag it #TeamHotSwizzle.

49 thoughts on “Buggy 2.0”

  1. I have never ever heard “stove eye” and had to read your full post to even know what you were talking about! They are just burners up here in WI as far as I know!

  2. I’ve heard it called both. But I think burner is easier to say. Also, I prefer the term shopping cart, even though I live in the south. To me a buggy is the equivalent of a baby stroller.

  3. I’m from Chicago and my husband is from Knoxville. He is (had been!) the only reason I’ve heard of stove eye, but I was prepared for the term buggy because of your blog!!!

  4. Just a burner out in the ‘burbs of Chicago. Pretty boring, I do agree.

    My daughter’s fiancé is from Tennessee – I found out he calls bricks “blocks”. Unless he was teasing me – which is quite possible. And he was very surprised I had never heard of a Moon Pie.

  5. ACK! I’m from North Knoxville! (Specifically: Fountain City.) Glad to know other Knoxvillians have the same vocab 🙂

  6. Oh, Chattanooga is the home of the Moon Pie and every time we go we visit the Moon Pie store 🙂

  7. Hmmm…So maybe a Tennessee thing? I’m in North Alabama so the TN stuff trickles down.

  8. Weighing in from Maryland… never in my entire life have I heard that term. Other things like “buggy” I’ve at least heard even if it’s not the word we use around here… that one is new to me!!!

    We call it a burner!

  9. Btw… Hot Swizzle. I spit my coffee out laughing. 😉 Totally calling it a Hot Swizzle from now on….

  10. I’m from NC and I’ve heard it called both stove eye and burner. I do live in western NC so I’m close to TN. We say buggy. Shopping cart is too fancy for the likes of me.

  11. My husband’s father’s side is from Fountain City! We eat at Litton’s sometimes. He grew up in Powell and went to high school in Powell as well. He’s 40. It would be so funny if you knew each other! I feel like when we go there, we can’t go into a gas station/Walmart/hiking at cades cove without him knowing SOMEONE. That’s a very different experience than life in chicago

  12. Kristy – SC – Thirties. Wife. Mama to two fur babies. Geek. Nerd. Gamer. Chronicling the mundane since before the world knew what blogs were.
    Kristy says:

    Born and spent half my life in NC/SC – I grew up just calling it an eye. But when I moved to PA, I noticed a lot of people called it a burner. But it wasn’t near as prominent of a debate as the buggy vs. shopping cart or the pronunciation of water.

  13. ACK! I was childhood friends with Ashley Litton and one of their extended family was my brother’s Best Man in his wedding! We’re catholic so we went to Knoxville Catholic but we played Powell in sports/track etc sometimes so we might have overlapped since I graduated in ’93! How funny!

  14. Hey neighbor! ????
    I bought one on our last visit in May – but I gave it to my son, so I still haven’t had one!

  15. Native SE Missourian here. I call it a burner (or if referring specifically to an electric stove, the element… I grew up and currently have a gas cooktop, so “eye” wouldn’t work anyhow). But I knew what you were talking about, even though I hadn’t heard the term before (yay for being taught context clues!).

    And I’m another shopping cart person. Knew buggy from knowing AL people before we moved here. I’ve learned lots of lingo moving around as a military spouse. (While living in OH, I learned to say “pop” instead of soda… which of course, is “coke” down here.)

  16. I’m from NY and live in MN and it’s all burner up here. My Irish dad does sometimes refer to the stove as an “auger” but he is old….

  17. I’m in Arkansas and I’ve never heard anyone say “stove eye.” We just say burner. I do use buggy and cart interchangeably though.

    I think you can make “hot swizzle” a thing.

  18. My mom is from PA and I think I’ve picked up a lot of her northern sayings even though I’ve lived in the south my entire life. I’ve always called it a burner. Also use a shopping cart.

    And I totally think you start a new trend with ‘hot swizzle’!

  19. On an episode of House Hunters in New Zealand, I heard them referred to as “hobbs.” I call them burners, but I like hobbs much better!

  20. Hobbs do sound cooler than burners. I just call them “eyes.” No “stove.” But if I’m talking about the flame on my gas stove, like if it’s gone out, I tell my husband “the burner is out.” (It’s his job to relight those. I’m convinced I’ll somehow blow up the house by relighting them.)

  21. Such a long time lurker, but thought you’d like to know to know that in the UK, we call your stove eye a ‘hob’.

    Buggy means a child’s push chair, at the supermarket we use the word trolley instead of cart or buggy!

    Know I’m not in America but words are fun right?!

  22. Sarah @ TM2TS – 4806-4828 NW Fielding Pl, Topeka, KS 66618, USA – Just random thoughts and feelings of one who thinks too much! You see there's more to someone than just what you see on the outside. Inside, they could be hiding a world of pain and anger. On the outside, they could be sweet and act innocent, when inside, their soul is dark and scary. On the outside they seem standoffish and stuck-up, when the truth is that they're actually very shy. That last one? That's totally me. How I am online is how I am in real life, but only after I really get to know you. I'm open and honest, but if I'm just meeting you, I'm quiet. If I'm uncomfortable, I laugh at everything, even things that aren't supposed to be laughed at. Some people don't understand, and it leads to a lot of mixed signals. But, that's life!
    Sarah @ TM2TS says:

    I’ve never heard it called a stove eye. Just a burner.

  23. We do call it an “eye”, but I don’t hear it phrased as “stove eye”. Just, the “eye” or “eye of the stove”. Huh. (TN/MS)

  24. Grew up in Wisconsin, have lived in California, Hawaii and Colorado, and have never heard “stove eye” before your post!

  25. i’ve always called it “stove eye”, and i grew up in FL and went on to live in other eastern (northern & southern) for 30+ years. since moving to washington state almost 9 yrs ago, i’ve never encountered anyone who didn’t know what it was when i said it…and many others have used it, too. it just seems interchangeable with “burner” here…which is how it’s always been where i’ve lived.

  26. Carmen – Vancouver, BC – Addicted to Diet Coke, Chick Lit, home design shows; mom to a 9 year old girl & 12year old boy. By day, I'm a research scientist.
    Carmen says:

    Here in Canada (or, as least Western Canada), it’s an element or a burner. Certainly not an eye. 🙂

  27. I had never heard it called anything other than a burner … until I met my husband, who also calls it an “eye.” He’s from the midwest, and his family’s from down south (Mississippi or thereabouts).

  28. I grew up in MA, and never heard of a stove eye. Burner is all I can think of to call it. Language is so interesting!

  29. I’m from west Texas and have heard my Mom call an electric one an eye but we call a gas one a burner. My husband is from NE Arkansas and I just asked him–he said burner.

  30. I’m from Decatur, GA and mostly call it a burner, but the term “eye” is familiar, but not necessarily “stove eye”. My mom is from Knoxville (Grew up off Chapman Highway, above Ye Olde Steak House) but left there in 1964 I think. I’ll have to ask her about Stove eye.

  31. I don’t even want to think about anything but hot swizzle. I’m in property management, we talk about hot swizzles going out, hot swizzles needing to be replaced, and I am going to spread the hot swizzle love all throughout Central Texas.

  32. That’s crazy because for the decade or so I rented in a million different places, I always replaced the Hot Swizzles (HA!) myself. I don’t think I realized that was something I should contact the landlord for! A/C, Heating, Appliances in general – but it never occurred to me to bother them for that! HA! I’m a Hot Swizzle Replacement Pro.

  33. California girl here, though with family all over the U.S. Never heard of ‘stove eye’ until today. Reminds me a bit of the Eye of Sauron, all fiery and red, and I really don’t want Mount Doom in my kitchen so Imma stick with ‘burner’.

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