Pointless Blogging Is My Specialty.

This week is a bit weird. I’ve been complaining for MONTHS about not being able to sleep. About how I’ve waken up too early every day since the house has been on the market. I’ve been waking up from 1am to 3:3am every day and I’ve been WHINING and WHINING and WHINING about it. Basically I’ve spent 7-10 weeks being a giant baby about not being able to sleep past 4am. I’m great.

And then…for the last 3 days I’ve slept until almost 5am and you know what? I think I want to whine about it. Because now I don’t have enough time to do everything I need to do! WHY DIDN’T I WAKE UP AT 3AM?

And suddenly I am worried…WAIT. Am I one of those people? Why complain and whine all the time? Is that just my “default” mode? That I have to bitch about something constantly?

Okay. That can’t happen. I can’t become the person who whines and complains now matter what the situation. NEVER HAPPY, THAT ZOOT! Tired when she can’t sleep past 3, anxious when she sleeps until 5am! Bitch! Moan! Whine! Complain!

So, yeah. I can’t be that person. I am going to try to be REALLY aware of the subtle (and often not-so-subtle) whining I do lately because now that I think of it, I feel like maybe I do it all the time. I DON’T WANT TO BE THAT PERSON WHO WINES ALL THE TIME.

Wait. Am I whining now about whining too much? I HAVE BECOME MY CHILD. It’s PERMAWHINE ALL THE TIME.

Ready? Okay! So, slept until almost 5am 2 days in a row now! I’m not entirely caught up on my sleep yet because I still feel a bit like road kill (Wait. Is that whining?) but I’m definitely feeling more human now. THANK GOD. I was starting to feel a little ragged. And that may be an understatement.

The thing about sleeping late is something has to be cut from my morning schedule. It seems to be my workouts. (Not my blogging! Why would I cut the blogging?) And many of you are the ones who insisted that not working out was NOT helping my anxiety. And you are very right! But I think I’ll side on the “needs more sleep” side of things for right now. (BUT NEVER CUT THE MORNING BLOGGING. That’s not happening.)

Well. This may be the most pointless thing ever. Look, ma! Blogging about Whining! I definitely am not caught up on my sleep yet.

4 thoughts on “Pointless Blogging Is My Specialty.”

  1. Whine all you want, because it makes me smile! At least the blogging about it does ;).

  2. My brain can’t process your “late” sleep time. I know it’s your norm, but it still blows my mind, even though I’ve been reading your blog for years. 5 a.m. is almost night time in my book. 3 a.m. definitely is. Did you always wake up so early in the morning, even as a kid? I can’t remember. I also don’t think you’ll ever see my comment, because I’ve been getting moderated for a year or so, but I’ll try again. I hope I didn’t make a comment in the past that offended you. : (

  3. I am the WORST when I am sleep deprived. Illogical, cranky, and I’m sure, whiny. 🙂 Glad you’re getting caught up on sleep. I was just thinking yesterday that maybe if there were 6 more hours in the day I could work, workout, sleep, see my kid & husband, cook and eat meals and clean something every once in a while. Right now something always loses. Usually working out and sleeping. Well, and cleaning. That’s always last on the list!

  4. you are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT to not cut out the morning blogging.
    the end.


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