Birthday Boy.

Wes is 7 today. SEVEN. My youngest child is SEVEN and I’m about to be FOURTY. FORTY? I have no idea. There are no red lines telling me either is wrong and I’m too lazy to look it up.)

Where were we?

OH YEAH. This guy.


He’s seven today. Due to the chaos in our lives he’s kinda getting the shaft for his birthday. I only thought about two gifts and the rest are impulse, last-minute buys. But the good thing? Seven year olds don’t care.

We did buy him a LeBron James (Lebron? Again. Too lazy.) jersey because he’s a HUGE fan of the Cavs player because he’s totally obsessed with basketball.

Yes. My kid. Obsessed with basketball.

That would be the biggest change over the last year – his obsession with basketball. We always knew he loved it but he started playing this winter and then he started playing the video games and he got a game for Christmas and it’s just his BIGGEST love right now and it cracks me up because it just reminds me every day about my short stint as a basketball player in middle school where the only time I scored, it was for the other team.


So, he’s seven. He’s going to have a shirt that says “JAMES” on the back even though that’s not his name. And we’re going to eat at a Superhero Themed restaurant tonight for dinner. It’s going to be a good day, even if I have half-assed it.

5 thoughts on “Birthday Boy.”

  1. Happy birthday wishes to your baby boy, Kim! I know you guys will have a great day (your half-assed days beat my full-assed days hands down).

  2. Wow!! Just wow- I started reading back when he was AndyZ…and look at him now! First round NBA draft pick in 2025- go Wes go!! Happy birthday to him

  3. Happy Birthday ,Wes…sounds like you will have a great day , enjoy your dinner and special day !

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