It’s 7pm at night. I never blog at night. I usually blog in the morning with my first cup of coffee. But this morning I spent my first cup of coffee folding clothes. And then my second cup of coffee mopping floors. And then my 3rd cup cleaning countertops. Because my house is on the market and I have to make sure it’s “show ready” all the time and that means that I am constantly living better than I have in years, but that I’m also losing my damn mind.

So! I’m sitting down at 7pm to blog. Mainly because it’s that or go to sleep because I woke up at 3:45am to clean and I’M TIRED AS HELL, YO.

I did go run this morning. I was really proud of that. It’s Ironman season for Donnie so he spends a lot of mornings out of the house training but the sun is rising earlier (I won’t run in the dark) and he takes Mondays off so I squeezed in a short 4-mile run before work and I am SO GLAD THAT I DID. I’m going to try my best to do at least that every day. It’s a chore to get the bike out or go for a swim but I can at least run out my front door for 40 minutes in the morning. It’s not ideal (I really need to be cycling and swimming too) but considering how insane my life is now, it’s better than nothing.

So I find myself here at 7pm, fighting off the urge to go to sleep because I’m so damn tired. So I’m doing some stream-of-consciousness blogging to try to keep myself from passing out.

We did have another showing on the house today. We haven’t heard back yet. We’re in an interesting position because we’re pretty sure our house will sell at the current price eventually because it’s a good price, but it’s a strange floorplan so it will really only appeal to a minority of house-hunters. So, we have to decide, do we just wait for that person to pay that price? Or do we drop the price to make it appeal to a wider audience? My sanity says, “SELL IT FOR $10! ANYTHING TO GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE!” But my fiscal adult self says we should wait it out since we know it’s a good price and just hold out for the perfect buyer.

I can’t wait until we’re allowed to live in filth again.

The funny thing is, we’re still probably not living “clean” by a lot of people’s standards. But those people don’t matter because they’re insane.

Speaking of insanity, I’ve documented mine just fine today with this rambling blog post. I turn 40 in 8 weeks and I woke up inspired to get my shit together before that day. So, while it may sound like I’m fading fast to the world of crazy people, I’m actually feeling really good about myself and life in general. I ran. I ate well. I cleaned. I had a good day at work. So truthfully, even though I’m tired as hell, it’s still a good day. I’m feeling good.

Okay. It’s 7:09pm now. I think I’m going to bed.

3 thoughts on “Weird.”

  1. We have had our house on the market for 2 months with TWO showings. Cleaning constantly for 2 people to walk through. We actually decided yesterday to take it off the market. We don’t HAVE to move so we decided we aren’t going to. Hope the last viewing brings you an offer!

  2. I’ve probably said it here before, but I feel that those with the always clean/really clean house have at least one person in the family with OCD.

  3. I was pleasantly surprised to see your evening post show up in my email and wondered why I was getting it so late in the day (compared to normal).

    Selling a house can make any sane person go crazy. We moved last summer – our 8th move in 20 years- and I absolutely hate having a house on the market. Our house is usually fairly clean, but I turn into the cleaning nazi when our house is listed. And it is exhausting to stay on top of three teens to keep their rooms clean!

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