Things Kim Does Before Taking A Family Trip

  • Find someone to take care of the dog
  • Find someone to take care of the cats
  • Find someone to take care of the house
  • Research food/entertainment at destination and make a budget
  • Buy food items so we can stay within that budget by not eating out every meal
  • Research entertainment options that don’t require nice weather in case of rain
  • Pack my clothes
  • Pack Wesley’s clothes
  • Make sure Nikki packs the right/enough clothes
  • Buy Wesley a new swimsuit because, in packing, I find his are all too small
  • Pack a separate bag of bath supplies because of the shampoo incident of ’02
  • Buy batteries for entertainment devices
  • Pack bag of electronics including ALL CHARGERS FOR SAID ELECTRONICS
  • Guide kids in packing “travel” bags to entertain them on the car ride
  • Clean out van
  • Get van serviced
  • Make sure there’s enough cat food/dog food/kitty litter so the housesitters/petsitters (Donnie’s parents) don’t run out
  • Make sure house is “show ready” in case the in-laws get the call while we’re gone
  • Settle for “decent” instead of “perfect” since there’s just TOO MANY OTHER THINGS TO WORRY ABOUT
  • Make sure to pack all medicines we may need in a week
  • Take out garbage, recycling and run dishwasher so nothing sits around stinking up the house
  • Shower

Things Donnie Does Before Taking A Family Trip

  • Pack his clothes
  • Shower

It’s a really good thing I’m naturally the planner/organizer in our family or this devision of labor might be something that bugged the shit out of me.

11 thoughts on “Balance”

  1. We went on a family road trip in Februry and this was exactly our division of labor! Only difference was I packed his clothes and he got the van services. We’re just Super Women!

  2. This is how it goes at my house too. I also pack the car so it all fits…otherwise suitcases would be thrown in willy-nilly. Wouldn’t it be nice to roll out of bed the day of vacation and just get in the vehicle…sigh

  3. Same at our house except he packs the car but I do everything else (except shower for him!). I write lists, check lists, pack, repack, research, print, research again and blah blah blah! Have fun – have a Butterbeer (or 3!).

  4. In my house the “packing fairy” (aka – me) takes care of the entire list. My husband lays out his clothes. I’m the one that gets them into the bags. He is, however, exceptionally grateful that I’m the one who’s organized. We generally arrive with everything we need.

  5. Sounds exactly like our house too. We are all Wonder Women!

  6. Huh. Reading this and the comments, maybe I’ll complain a little less next time we’re trying to get out of the door. I am always grumpy that I’m responsible for getting both (little) kids ready and it never occurs to him to help get them dressed or get us packed up for the day. But, when we are going on a multi-day trip he does a good chunk of what’s on your lists. And, bonus, if he leaves a task to me he’s learned he can’t complain that I haven’t brought/done something he thinks we should have!

  7. Honestly… that would annoy the crapola out of me!

  8. YASSSSSSS! And somehow husband is still the LAST ONE READY. Everytime.

  9. YES YES YES! My husband does load the car (he’s good at baggage tetris), but 99% is done by me. And then he waits IN THE CAR instead of helping out with the last few things – every time I feel like shouting, “If I’m not done, you’re not done!” Generally, he will do what I ask him, but only IF I ASK HIM. Oh man, I’m getting shouty just thinking about it…

  10. Husband did once go on a business trip without his dress shoes (cue emergency shoe buying for a size 14, not easy) and on another trip we got over halfway to the airport when he realized he did not have his wallet (post-9/11), so it is partly a control issue on my part because if I’m doing the packing, I know it’s done right. Except the time I forgot to bring shorts for Younger Son on a summer trip. Luckily, he borrowed his brother’s the first day & then we went to the store.

  11. Ha! That looks much like our to do lists for trips as well! And my family wonders why I get a little crazy prior to a trip. Thankfully, I don’t do any of the driving on a trip. So I can relax a little once we’re on the road.

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