My Brain Has Officially Stopped Working

This week has been all sorts of insane. I started a new job to supplement my old job dropping to an “on call” type of status. We are still trying to sell our house and had our first showing. Donnie has had some work issues keeping him out late two nights. I started a triathlon training class. I’ve just been frazzled beyond belief and several things yesterday proved it.

  • I tried to turn off of a bridge taking the kids to school, getting in the wrong turn lane to drop them off.
  • I then headed home and forgot I needed to go to my new job until I pulled into my driveway.
  • Then I made a wrong turn getting to my new job and ended up trapped in a parking lot with “permitted access only” just trying to get to the right road.
  • I tried to control my phone with the trackpad on my laptop.
  • I forgot dog food for the 90th time. My poor dog is going to starve to death.

I’m just tired and adjusting to a new’ish schedule while 90 other things are going on is making all of my brain cells misfire and cease working. It’s like the neurons for normal behavior are taking a break so the ones for learning new equipment (my new job requires I use a fun 3D scan/camera) and making long commutes and showering – all things I’m not used to – can use all of the energy. My brain is basically so busy trying to make it to work across town that I forget how to use my phone.

So today’s entry is here as a notification if I’ve missed anything important or forgotten anything or done anything stupid – this is my excuse. This week has just been chaotic, to say the least. I apologize to anyone and everyone who I’ve neglected.

It takes a lot out of me to have to shower every day.

2 thoughts on “My Brain Has Officially Stopped Working”

  1. If I have to go back to a proper office job I think I’m going to be frazzled like this too! Hope your brain frazzled state calms down soon! Hope the new job is going well too.

  2. I just have to say that I feel like I could have written that blog post! Showering every day = torture and not at all soothing! I so enjoy everything you post, your honesty, kindness, realness. I wish I knew you in real life – I’m sure we’d be total BFFs (once I got past my own social awkwardness).

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