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Good Thing I’m Selling My House, And Not My Inbox

So, last week was weird. I still had work for my job that needed to be done because I don’t drop to “on call” until April 1st, but the kids were also home for Spring Break and I was trying to keep my house constantly “show ready”. What that meant was that, If I was home and not working or cooking or sleeping, I was cleaning.

And that’s a WHOLE NEW WORLD for me.

Normally, if I’m home and not working, cooking, or sleeping – I’m playing. There aren’t many hours a day when I’m home and “free” so I use those hours to catch up with emails or Facebook messages (which I often miss because Wes plays with my phone and will accidentally open them up when the notification pops up and then FB thinks I’ve read them) or tweets or wall posts or blog comments. Basically, I would sit down a few times a day and just RESPOND to people however they were communicating with me. I don’t think I realized I did that, until I no longer did.

I kept putting it off, “Well – you can get to that FB message or that email AFTER you put up the laundry (that I used to leave in the laundry room).” But then after I put up the laundry I noticed there was a puzzle left out. And that lightbulb was burnt out and OH MY GOD, where did those finger prints come from?

And suddenly – that 30 minutes between soccer practice and bed time is gone and I’ve STILL not responded to that FB message.

(If I even saw it.)

Wesley made Donnie coffee and me a giant mess to clean up. #totesadorbs
Wesley made Donnie coffee and me a giant mess to clean up. #totesadorbs
So…things got pushed to this weekend. I thought a lot on my race on Saturday about how I was going to take the time when I got home and RESPOND to all of the communications I had gotten during the last week. And y’all? I have no idea what happened to my time. By the time I was home and cleaned up it was 1:30. I needed to pick up some groceries and there was a lot of “upkeep” type stuff for the day since everyone had been home all day. It turns out that even when my kids are doing better than I had hoped in keeping things clean, they’re still kids who make messes. Nikki helped a bit, but it just seemed like BAM! It was time for us to leave for dinner. And the same thing happened on Sunday – I ran, picked up groceries, cleaned some floors, did some laundry and BAM! It was time for family dinner.


Or maybe, I had no idea how much time I had before? I mean – I’ve never been the best at getting back to people who have contacted me in one way or another. Emails get accidentally archived before I reply, Facebook messages get forgotten (if I ever see them), and blog comments get pushed back after new entries and I just forgot about a lot of it. And that was BEFORE. Now? The stuff I remember or keep where I can see it? Still goes ignored simply because I HAVE TO SWEEP MY FLOOR EVERY DAY AND THAT SUCKS SO HARD.

Long story short: I’ve learned one major, two part lesson. I had a lot more free time to respond to people daily on line when I (evidently) never cleaned anything.

BUT THIS WEEK I HAVE NO JOB! YAY! FREE TIME! (#SilverLining) So, I’m hoping that by the end of this week I’ll have my ducks more in a row than they are now. I’m sure I’ll never be perfect but I’d like to not wake up in the morning remembering that message from two weeks ago that I never replied to.

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