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Easy and Impossible.

The house is officially on the market with an MLS listing and everything. It’s been almost 48 hours and no one has come to see it so I’m already have visions of 12-month upkeep of this damn clean house and I’m considering drinking my blues away and it’s only 4:10am.

But then I remember that our old house was bought by the 2nd person to see it. And it still took about 6 weeks. So, you know, CHILL OUT KIM.

It is weird how I find the upkeep of this clean house both easy and impossible at the same time. When I’m doing small things like putting up a toy that has been left in the middle of the floor (because nagging my kids 100 times a day to pick up after themselves does NOTHING) it seems so easy to keep things clean. One toy! One second! No big deal! But then I vacuum my bedroom for the second time in a week and I think there is no way I can vacuum every few days for the entirety that the house is on the market. NO WAY. Especially when 3 hours later I notice all of the dirt on the carpet from the kids just coming in and out from playing. Then it REALLY feels impossible because I WILL NOT VACUUM MORE THAN ONCE A DAY. NO, SIR. Our vacuum isn’t very good so I probably need to buy another, if you need one too, you can read more at Clean Home Guide.

But it doesn’t take too long to make the beds, and putting up the laundry when it’s done is way easier than waiting until there are 5 loads to put up. And scrubbing sinks or counters several times a day has become just a habit I don’t even think about so…EASY!

And then the dog leaves muddy footprints on my hardwoods and I have to steam mop the floor for the 3rd time this week and I decide it’s impossible all over again. And is there any point in ever cleaning the windows? Or dusting? How did I never notice before how fast dust accumulates on surfaces? Or how little time it takes my dog to put nose prints on every window in the house? IMPOSSIBLE!

48 hours in and I’m already experiencing this kinda of frenzy so, you know, let’s hope this thing sells fast!

I will say this – it is so nice living in a clean home. I usually only clean this “deep” (it’s “deep clean” for us, but for a lot of people it’s probably not) when we’re hosting family dinner or having people over. So, maybe 8-10 times a year? Tops? And it only stays that way for 24 hours. But since pictures were last Friday the house has been this clean now for FIVE DAYS and I’m just LOVING it. It’s amazing how nice it feels to walk around in a house that is clean, I never thought I cared but I think maybe I just chose not to care because if how much I love this clean house is any indication…I CARE A LOT.

Welp. Time to wrap this one up because there’s laundry to be folded (EASY!) and floors to be swept (IMPOSSIBLE!) for the 95th time this week.

4 thoughts on “Easy and Impossible.”

  1. Selling a house is a true test of patience! We’ve sold 7 houses. It’s taken anywhere from 2 weeks to 4 years. Hope yours will not take long at all. Try not to worry. The right family will come along.

    A clean home is so much more relaxing to live in. Clutter and dirt stress me out. But cleaning a house, like laundry, are jobs that are never done. I think that’s what makes it feel so impossible.

    You are definitely on to something with cleaning as things get dirty instead of waiting until everything is a wreck. I’m trying to teach this to my kids (3 teenagers!), but their rooms are usually a wreck. My 16 yr old always asks why he has to clean his bathroom again when he just cleaned it a week ago. He much prefers an annual cleaning. ????

  2. We’re in the middle of selling our house as well. It’s been on the market for 6 months and I’m so over the cleaning everyday, but I agree with you, it feels so good to walk into a clean home. I’ve also made it a point to keep a small vase of fresh (grocery store) flowers in my home and that makes me happy as well.

  3. Us TOO! and I am freaking out! We put it on the market today officially and we have had one person so far. So exciting but scary! Our Realtor thinks our house will sale fast, so now I am worried about being homeless.. Err which translates to moving in with my parents. Ugh, being a grown-up is hard!

  4. I really wish we were considering moving to Huntsville, because we’d buy your house in a heart beat! I wish you luck with selling – it’s always difficult. I’m sure it’ll sell though; it’s gorgeous!

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