30 Days To Awesome.

It started when I saw this photo from the alt summit instagram account showing a sheet with a year’s worth of circles to cross out to mark your progress on some challenge/task. It was made by Elise Joy, evidently, and if you’d like that copy of that tracker you can find it here. But, the problem is, a year is REALLY intimidating.

Also? A year is REALLY boring.

I mean, there are a lot of things I hope to commit to long enough that I’ve done them for a year. But trying to track it would get depressing for the part of me that likes a quicker return on my investment of effort.

Also? I don’t like the idea of missing days on the calendar and therefore seeing circles with no mark. I’d just quit the second I missed a day.

Also? I’d like to challenge myself to do a lot of different things. I’d need 100 of those sheets. Which seems excessive.

Also? Of course I’d need to track it in my bullet journal. And those sheets wouldn’t fit in my bullet journal.

Also? Today’s word of the day is: ALSO.

In other words, I loved the idea, but it wasn’t exactly what I wanted for myself. So I did what any dork does when she sees something that’s close to what she needs to but exactly, I made it myself.

The Tracker


After much thought (5 minutes) I decided I’d be tracking 30 Days because that’s about a month but is not EXACTLY a month so I can start/finish it any time and not feel restricted to the calendar. Also? It’s just 30 days. Not 30 calendar days, so if I miss a day? I don’t mark it. It doesn’t have to be in a ROW. I might make a note if I miss a day, I left room for notes around the days, but really? I’d rather not acknowledge the missed day. That’s what always screws me up. The second I miss a day of ANYTHING I stop. I quit. I give up.

And I have SO MANY IDEAS. There are so many small challenges I’ve wanted to participate in recently. Some are physical like “30 Days of Abs” and some are just spiritual like “30 Days of Gratitude”. It’s stuff I’ve stumbled across periodically for ages and just never tried any of it. Some are ideas I’ve just had myself. Either way, I knew I’d want to do more than one, but I didn’t want to go crazy and do fifty at a time. Well, I wanted</em to, but I figured I wouldn't be very successful. I decided I'd do two at a time: One Physical (for the Body) and One Spiritual (for the Soul).

(If you think this is something you'd like, you can download a copy here.)

The Body

I chose to try 30 days of eating conscientiously. Or deliberately. Days where I think about what I’m eating and really try to decide if it’s something my body or my soul wants. Maybe my heart is sad and really wants a donut, I’ve decided I shouldn’t shame myself for that. Just eat ONE DONUT and move on with my life. Not hide in my car in the parking lot and eat a box of six. (Yeah. Donuts aren’t vegan. That’s why I call myself a Lazy Herbivore. I still haven’t found something that comforts me quite like a donut.) But if I’m just bored or tired then maybe I should think about something that’s better for my body, something that will give me strength and energy. I just would like to really be conscious of what I’m eating and why. Not FOREVER because that shit is for the birds. But if I could really spend 30 days thinking of how I’m feeding my body, I think I’d become a bit more in tune with my food needs.

(I’ve already decided the NEXT 30 days is NO DIET COKE. I’m back on the juice again, y’all. Sorry.)

The Soul

On St. Patrick’s Day I went to Publix and this lady was getting into her car and she had the cutest green jacket on and I noticed it, thought it was cute, and was going to keep walking. But for some reason I thought That’s a nice thought, you should share it. So I told her I liked her jacket and she gave me a big smile and said, “Thanks!”

I think nice things about people ALL THE DAMN TIME. But do I ever tell them? Nope. Sometimes because it feels awkward. Other times because I’m too busy. Most of the times because I just blow the thoughts off and don’t even consider sharing them – even though they might make that person really happy. So! My soul challenge is for 30 days I’m going to give sincere compliments every day. On St. Patrick’s day I paid attention to it and I there were at least 4 times where I had nice thoughts about someone that I’m certain they would have liked to hear. She’s such a present Mom, he’s such a great Dad, that dress is GORGEOUS. Why not try to share those positive thoughts with the people who they’re about? Thirty Days! No problem.


I’m not going to change the world or lose 50lbs and become a prize-winning triathlete, but I’m going to spend 30 days doing something good. Something that I know my body or my soul needs. Something to make me feel better physically and emotionally. Have you ever tried to give someone a sincere compliment and feel sad at the same time? It’s really hard. I’ve tried.

(I have not tried. That would be weird.)

But most importantly? This is something new I can do with my bullet journal. And let’s be honest, if there’s a way to involve my bullet journal? Especially in a cute way? I’m a million times more likely to stick to it.

11 thoughts on “30 Days To Awesome.”

  1. What a great post! Thank you for sharing. See–I worked in a sincere compliment and hopefully made you smile.

  2. I agree that a year is just too overwhelming. 30 days is perfect! Also, I have to say, I’m so impressed with you and your constant self-improvement. I’ve been reading since… well, forever and you have really come so far. You’ve become a runner! You’ve become (mostly) vegan! You have been overcoming your social anxiety! Really, you are a wonder.

  3. AWESOME. Today is my birthday, and I spent all night up thinking about how I can make these next 365 days my 365 days to awesomeness. This? Will help me immensely. I love the idea of the yearly tracker, but I agree that a year is really, really, long, and I think I’d be more successful breaking it down into monthly challenges.

    THANK YOU, Kim, for being awesome.

  4. I love it!!! Any chance you are adding this to your BJ downloads? (Or did you already and I totally missed it?)

  5. I’ve started trying to do the compliment thing, even though talking to strangers spontaneously is not in my nature. It generally does cheer me up to say something nice to someone.

    Also (to use your word) I declared No Coke in 2015 and it is intimidating. I’ve made it this far, but even so, the idea of making it through 30 days without a soda would be much easier than 365 days.

  6. LOVE this! I’ve printed several out, trimmed them and have them in the back of my bullet journal ready to use! Can’t wait to start my 30 days to awesome tomorrow!

    Thanks so much for making these for us!!

  7. I love this! I was in a groove of all of a week doing some squat/push up thing and decided I was going to do it for a whole year! So I made a schedule to cross off days. But I have a terrible memory and I’m lazy so I skipped a day and it turned into a skipped month and now I want to tear the pages from my bullet journal but I’m not letting myself. I think I will cover it with this instead. A month I can do!

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