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Becoming a Dog Person.

Nikki has never been a dog person, or an animal person really. She tolerates our animals, but they tend to annoy her more than anything. She’s not drawn to dogs elsewhere like her little brother is, and she never really encouraged any of our animals to snuggle with her ever.

Until recently.

I’m not sure what it is, but lately she’s been trying to get a lot of snuggle time with Sweetie. I actually noticed a shift about a year ago, because I also noticed it in relation to her interactions with her new (girl) cousin. Nikki had never been much of a baby-person either, but having a girl cousin seemed to change that. Or maybe being a good age where she could be more of a part of the baby-care situation. But as the year has gone by she has become quite the little care giver to her cousin, carrying her around like she was born to care for the child. And during the year, I’ve noticed her bonding with Sweetie as well.

I don’t know if one begat the other, or if the affection for both are just part of growing older.

Either way? She’s becoming a dog person. And I love it! Yesterday she was bored and just wanted to walk Sweetie up and down the street. I told her she had to take the poop bags and pick up the poop and she was completely fine with that. FINE WITH PICKING UP POOP! It was crazy. And then when they got back home she wanted Sweetie to follow her around the house, she would call her wherever she went. I was just loving every second of it.

She’s gone through what I call Pro-Sweetie phases before, and it doesn’t last forever, but this one just feels different. This one feels like she’s actually bonding with Sweetie instead of just bored and wanting a playmate.

Sweetie has NO COMPLAINTS.

4 thoughts on “Becoming a Dog Person.”

  1. This is fascinating to me, because I always assumed if you had a dog in the house, and you were a kid, you’d be a dog person. We had dogs, cats, and a zillion other pets in my house, and I loved them all, naturally and automatically, so I assumed it was just that way for any kid with pets in the house. Obviously not! It’s so interesting that Nikki wasn’t a dog person, but now she’s becoming one and bonding with your sweet dog. Love this.

  2. My daughter is not a dog person, either. She is obsessed with the cats and even the tarantulas, but the dog? Eh.

    She is also not into babies — something else people always assume about a little girl. She likes her 18inch dolls, but not baby dolls as much.

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