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How Does My Hair Look?

It’s photo day!!! Our house is getting it’s picture taken today! After 2 years of talking about selling our house, it finally goes on the market on Monday. I’m surprised by how not-freaked out I am. I am way more relieved than anything. Yes, we’re going to have to keep the house clean, but we’ve been practicing that for about a week and it’s not as hard as I thought it would be. HOWEVER – the kids are on Spring Break next week so this will be a true test. I’m thinking about doing “drills” next week. Faking “It’s time to show the house!” and give everyone a list of things they’re responsible for.

  • Bathroom baskets placed under the sink – Wesley.
  • Beds made – Nikki.
  • Sink emptied – Donnie.
  • Beer shotgunned – Kim.

I’ve got almost everything they said they’d photograph ready for pictures today. And then this weekend we’ll put some of the things back that we cleared out for photos but that we need for daily life (like my crockpot and my toaster) – and we’ll get everything clean and ready for showing before the sign goes in the yard on Monday. I CAN’T BELIEVE IT IS HAPPENING. Our realtor calmed me a little bit because, since our house does need updating (hence the low price-per-sqft), she said she’s not as worried about making sure it’s show-room perfect. I was worried that maybe we needed to do some painting or repairing of wallpaper in places that are still beat up from when we bought it. But she pointed out that anyone who buys our house is going to be like us – wanting it for the space regardless of the updates. Or someone who wants the good deal so they can do the updates on their own. This made me feel MUCH better about everything and much more relaxed. Also – it’s VERY true. Our house is definitely going to have a specific appeal so there’s no need in wasting time or money catering to people who probably won’t even come look at it.

Being more relaxed about it is a good thing! Less crying!

Kids room are ready for pictures on Friday!!

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The kids' bathroom is unrecognizable!

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I can’t believe how clean I got the kid’s rooms AND the kid’s bathrooms. FULL DISCLOSURE: I have 4 bathrooms in my house but I’m making everyone use the master bath until the house sells so that I only have one to clean. Donnie HATES this but he also has no desire to clean the other bathroom regularly so he’s sucking it up.

Here’s to pretending like we only have one bathroom indefinitely! Woot!

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  2. We are thinking about selling our house soon too and I am just so torn on what to do. Good luck on your end – and the comment tests were kinda funny to me but maybe because it is early and I haven’t had coffee yet.

  3. Way to go!!! I can’t imagine getting my house ready for this. Good luck!!! Make sure you flush the toilets in those other bathrooms every couple of days for good measure so they don’t get all weird from non-use.

  4. My favorite house-selling tip: keep empty laundry baskets around. If you get a call that there’s a showing in ten minutes (despite asking for a day’s notice), shovel everything that’s out of place into the laundry baskets, throw them in your car and run. Do not put dirty dishes into the oven. They always look.

  5. House looks great! Congrats on taking the first step to selling and I hope it goes quickly.

    PS: I also love the comments on comments on comments

  6. Your house looks great! Very clean and photo-ready, especially the bathroom. I loved the title of this post, too; so funny! I’m sure with these photos your house will sell in no time. Good luck!

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