Photo Post

So, as some of you noticed, I spruced things up around here. My old theme didn’t really provide much interesting styling for non-standard formatted blog posts. And even though 99% of my blog posts are standard, I had thought I could use my blog a little more often for other types of postings that WordPress allows for. However, I’m not really familiar with how it handles them so this is basically a test post to see if the 90+ people who subscribe for email updates will still get emails even if I do a non-standard post. I really don’t want that to happen because then you poor people might be bombarded with stupid emails notifying you of every pretty picture I post to my blog.

Sorry if you get the email about this one! It’s just a boring photo of my bullet journals on their shelf!

(Dear Bullet Journals: YOU ARE NOT BORING, I love you! I shouldn’t have called you boring.)


4 thoughts on “Photo Post”

  1. I love the look of your new blog! My only problem is the print color is so light that I have a hard time reading it–might just be me though.

  2. I felt that way too! I like that it’s not TOO dark but I did feel like maybe it could be darker. I’ll probably change that at some point! Thanks!

  3. I was going to write and say the exact same thing. I feel like it’s too light with the light grey background nearby that I have a hard time focusing on the print. So count me as another vote for slightly darker.

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