Bullet Points Of Miscellany.

This is one of those mornings where I want to write about 14 different things but none of them are really worth of an entire entry, soooo….BULLET POINTS! A blogger crutch since 2004.

(Possibly earlier, but that’s when I started blogging so I’m only qualified to discuss things at that point.)

  • I binged watched Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix this weekend and LURVED it. It definitely has a some issues with a few things, but it made me do a lot of smiling from beginning to end. It’s a Tina Fey creation and definitely could be RIDICULOUS and not at ALL funny if the wrong actress had been cast in the lead, but I find her charming and not at all annoying. I’m very open about my preference for TV that makes me happy…and Kimmy Schmidt did that.
  • I have been re-listening to Harry Potter and I’m on book 7 and they’re walking down the tunnel back to Hogwarts from the Hogs Head and it occurred to me that almost all of my truly FAVORITE moments in the series involve Neville Longbottom. I adore when he gets the final 10 points in book 1, I love when he starts to kick ass in the DA in book 5, my heart wrenched when he joined the fight in book 6 (and Harry’s heart swelled too, noticing that he and Luna were the only ones who answered the call of the DA because they were the only ones who missed it) and when he shows up in that portrait of Ariana? And the way JK Rowling writes the reveal that it’s him? Is probably my “incidental favorite” of the whole series. In terms of moments that aren’t HUGE? It’s my favorite. I just love the way she almost teases it but it feels like you’re experiencing the shock of realizing who it is along with Harry. LOVE IT.
  • Wesley has entered a new phase of behavior where, as soon as he does something he knows he shouldn’t do, he goes into Floundering/Urgent Apology mode. It bothers me because sometimes it feels like it happens so fast that he’s allowing himself the behavior because it’s being followed by an apology. But it also bothers me because he focuses on THAT instead of righting the wrong. For example, if I tell him to do something and he yells at me, “No!” or throws something or kicks a wall, he IMMEDIATELY apologizes and demands a hug and forgiveness. But, lately I feel like he’s stalling. Last night it was like a yell/apology cycle and after 10 minutes he still hadn’t gotten any closer to brushing his teeth which was the ORIGINAL request. I finally told him, “Obey me FIRST, then apologize. Do what I’m telling you to do FIRST, then come apologize for the initial behavior. That makes it a much better apology.” But it’s SO FRUSTRATING because on one hand? Yay! He recognizes his actions are bad! But BOO! Still not actually doing what I’m telling him to do.
  • When I was visiting E we discussed how he never fills up his gas tank because you just don’t to “waste” that money and it gave me SUCH HUGE FLASHBACKS. I remember NEVER getting a full tank of gas and I had forgotten about that. I’m not sure if that forget makes me happy (because I’m financially stable now!) or sad (because I’ve lost touch with my past) but oh, man. I vividly remember the few times my Dad would come visit and fill up my tank and I’d feel SO EUPHORIC.
  • Y’all know I watch Glee even though it has SO MANY flaws. I love the music and the dancing even when the stories and the characters are ridiculous. But y’all? This last season? They have introduced new members and I kinda love them all and now I’m depressed it’s ending. I didn’t mind before, was actually irritated they didn’t keep it in New York this season, but I love the new Glee members and now I’m going to be sad it’s gone. BOO!

5 thoughts on “Bullet Points Of Miscellany.”

  1. I *so* remember being too broke to fill my gas tank. I even recall buying one or two gallons at a time with spare change (back when gas was still relatively cheap).

  2. I so wish that other shows were given the deliberate march to the end that Glee has. This season has been fun.

    Also- Sue as Fandom Representation has made me SO happy.

  3. I need to relisten to Harry Potter but can’t seem to find the time. Or I haven’t made the time. But I have a four year old who talks ALL the time and it is literally quiet two hours of my day so I sit and savor the silence. Well, I’ve gotten off topic.
    BUT, so many of my favorite parts include Neville also.

  4. Lurvvved Kimmy too! And that theme song–it’s so catchy-dammit!–it’s a miracle !!! & females are strong as…. 😉

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