The One Where I Talk About A Bible Verse

NOTE: I was planning a trip to visit E this week and when the winter weather looked like it would cancel my trip, I opted instead to head down early and just risk getting stuck at his place instead of risk missing the trip all together. It so rarely works out where he has days free to visit, I didn’t want to miss my chance. SO! I headed down last night and now I’m in rainy Montevallo while Huntsville ices over back home. This post was something I wrote yesterday, but I wanted to add in a funny story from my trip to the top of the post.

SO! I’m working in a coffee shop this morning and I listened to a 5-10 minute conversation between two guys about what they had been reading or learning about how to make the most out of their psychedelic experiences. They were discussing breathing and alternate levels of reality and I was having MAJOR flashbacks to EVERYONE I KNEW IN COLLEGE. I think I listened in on that same conversation no less than 20 times during my college experience and it’s cracking me up that NOTHING HAS CHANGED.

And yes…I thought an intro story about college kids and psychedelic experiences would be perfect for the one entry I ever wrote about bible verses…

AND NOW! For your REAL entry for the day:


I was flipping through instagram yesterday and a friend had posted a picture of a bible study she was working through. The verses noted were Matthew 6:5-34 but the verse that was underlined was:

Isn’t life more than food and the body more than clothing?

And it’s funny, I remember leading a bible study for my Youth Group in high school about “Worry” and using that very passage, but I hadn’t thought of it in a long time. Seeing my friend’s photo and I thought Dude. Seriously. Why do you waste so much time thinking about food? IDIOT.

Which I’m pretty sure is what Matthew intended with those words anyway, right? For someone in the 21st century to read them can call herself an idiot?

BUT SERIOUSLY. Life is more than what I’m eating and how much weight I’ve gained.

Now…of course most of my concern is my emotional addiction to food as a coping mechanism…not really about weight. BUT STILL. Maybe if food wasn’t in this weird sacred place in my mind, it wouldn’t be something I so easily depended on when I was upset or tired. Maybe if I put things like: My kid’s happiness, or my sock drawer, or my zendoodles on higher places on the THINGS TO THINK ABOUT list, then I’d turn to those things instead. I think because I think about food ALL THE DAMN TIME, it’s the quickest “Go To” when I need some sort of emotional support. Why don’t I organize my sock drawer instead? That thing is maddening. WHY DO I HAVE SO MANY SOCKS I WON’T WEAR?

So, I’m taking this bible verse to heart today. I’m going to try to remember what’s important in life and what is worth stress and what is NOT worth stress.

4 thoughts on “The One Where I Talk About A Bible Verse”

  1. Randomly, I still get a kick out of your posts titled “The one where…” I know you asked a few weeks (months?) ago and I never popped in to give a virtual thumbs up.

    Enjoy the visit with E!

  2. Isn’t this the truth? As far as stress eating goes, if I’m anxious about something I can’t eat anything without getting nauseous, but if I’m frustrated or cranky I want a big mac and a 6 pack. Weird how our brains work,huh?

  3. You should definitely try the sock drawer organization when you need a bit of emotional support. It really can do wonders to see what can be done in 10 minutes…AND you then get a small zing every morning when you get dressed. (At least for the first week or two before it all returns to chaos again.)

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