I’m Going To Staples Today!

I am so excited because I’m going to Staples today!




I don’t go to office supply stores (Staples being the one on my end of town) often because I buy stuff I just don’t need. Like pretty notepads. Or new pens. Or card stock and stationary. Or notebooks. I don’t need any of that stuff. I have my solid winner favorite pens (Pentel EnerGel Liquid Gel Ink Metal Tip 7.0mm Retractable) and even though I kept buying new ones for years after I decided on those, I never found anything that really even came close. They even have multiple color packs – Target actually carries my FAVORITE color pack with the pink and aqua and orange – so I have no need to really ever buy another pen again. And I use only moleskin notebooks now as my notebook AND my daily planner so I have no need to even peruse those aisle.

YET STILL! I would buy some anyway if I wasn’t disciplined.

Some people go to AA to help them give up drinking, I use a twelve step program to keep me from buy new pens and journals.

(If I could think of a reason to buy a blank journal? I would. I MISS THEM SO BAD.)

BUT we need things today! I actually need some standard blue/black pens. I’m hoping Staples has just those colors and that I don’t have to buy the red/green with them. I have too many red and greens now! But the blue/black get used the most so I’m down to one of each color.

ONE! ONLY ONE? That’s blasphemy! The “fun” colors I have multiple of because when they’re on sale I buy more. (Full Disclosure: Since Staples doesn’t sell them I’m afraid they don’t make them any more and that as soon as Target’s stock is gone they’ll be gone forever and I’ll never have those colors again and then I’ll need therapy.)

I also need binder clips. Well, I really only need one binder clip but you can’t really buy just one. And binder clips are SO CUTE nowadays so I’m super excited to see what there is to offer. And I need a stapler. Why don’t I have a stapler? I’ve been using paperclips to hold paper together and that’s unnecessary. I WANT A STAPLER.

And finally? The reason I’m finally making the trip? Donnie asked for something. IT IS ALL HIS FAULT. He is my enabler. He needs some compressed air. And because of that I get to open up the “Staples” page in my bullet journal and buy the things listed on that page. I won’t let myself buy ANYTHING ELSE.


Unless the washi tape is on sale. That stuff is so stupid-expensive that if it’s on sale I can’t help but stock up. Like I do with bread!

And yes – washi tape is as important as bread. Maybe moreso since I don’t eat bread.

Can you make casual trips to an official supply store and not come out having spent $100 on pens you don’t need? What’s your office supply store weakness? Do you dream about office supplies? No? Just me then? Okay.

19 thoughts on “I’m Going To Staples Today!”

  1. Oh, no, you’re not the only one.

    I felt like I needed a new orange pen last night, so I don’t have to separate the package of pens I carry with me for my notebook. Halfway through the pen aisle, I had to stop myself, because, self, I have 2 dozen orange pens at home.

    I also maybe spent a small fortune at hobby lobby on paper clips and washi tape over the weekend. What? It was on clearance. So, I bought one of every tape, and then a second one of the ones I really liked.

    My daughter squealed when I showed her the anchor shaped paper clips, so it must have been an alright purchase 🙂

    I have to watch myself, because office supplies and stationary are my biggest pitfalls. I mean, come on, I spent $10 on Amazon so I could have elephant shaped paper clips. Elephant. Shaped. Paper. Clips.

  2. I got excited when I saw the title of your blog post. I love office supplies…new, fresh office supplies. Blank journals, blank calendars, new pens, paper clips, binder clips, tabs, sticky notes, accessories galore…I try not to go in them, but Target can get me if I don’t avoid that section of the store. This obsession was passed down from my mom. When she passed, I got enough of her favorite black pens to last me for several years. She always tagged her pens with her name (she was a teacher and people always took her stuff). So, I love when I find a pen tagged in her handwriting. <3

  3. I discovered your blog last week whilst binge-reading everything I could about Bullet Journals (I started my first on Sunday). You totally had me at a comment about a messy house being ok, but not a mistake in your journal.

    I totally get your excitement about buying stationery. I’m a total addict and must be stopped! Since I discovered Moleskine notebooks I’m watching a billion on eBay haha.

    My weakness in a shop would definitely be pretty pens and sticky notes. Thankfully my three year old shares this trait, so I can always pretend we’re looking for her. I felt so proud the other day when she said she wanted a book like my bullet journal!

  4. I’ve read all about your bullet journaling and I REALLY want to try it, but I take my love of pretty journals/notebooks one step further: I buy them, and never use them because they’re so pretty and I don’t want to mess them up. I probably have 25-30 just since I’ve lived in this house (two years) and they’re all just stacked in beautiful piles, with no writing in them.

  5. You know where I actually found some cute office supplies? At the dollar store! They had binder clips AND washi tape!

  6. I always get a kick out of hearing about your pen/notebook addiction! Probably because I’m addicted as well! I have WAY too many blank notebooks lying around. Actually right now I’m wavering between my Erin Condren (that you got me into) and an ADD version of the bullet journal (again you introduced me to BuJo). I have the rest of 2015 to finish up in my EC, but if I can make it to aug it will have been a year and I’ll call it good. Anyways, all that to say, YES I get you! Oh and maybe not good, but target had the scotch washi on clearance, it was $3.80 for a 3 pack. Also, if you want other patterns I’d be happy to trade some samples with you!

  7. I went to Hobby Lobby to see if mine had washi tape on sale because of this comment 🙂 I couldn’t find any! SIGH!

  8. OH! And my Dad had a “favorite” pen too but even after he died I couldn’t bring myself to use it. It was too fine point and too scratchy. But I think he would appreciate that 😉

  9. OH, I have TOTALLY passed on my love of office supplies to my daughter. She has a pile of about 20 journals, most have barely been used, just because she loves buying new ones so much 🙂

  10. Oh, I feel you. If they’re TOO pretty you only want perfection inside the covers and who can take that one? Have you ever looked at B&N’s journal section? It’s INSANE how many beautiful journals they have that I want.

  11. I went! Are you talking about the “EXPRESSIONS” variety? With the old Valentines Day decor? I bought 2 packs! Mine were on sale for 4.88, they may drop next week as low as you found them, but I was afraid they’d be gone so I bought them at 4.88 🙂

  12. Carmen – Vancouver, BC – Addicted to Diet Coke, Chick Lit, home design shows; mom to a 9 year old girl & 12year old boy. By day, I'm a research scientist.
    Carmen says:

    Those are my favourite pens too. I only read the first few sentences before I had to stop to comment: THEY HAVE AQUA AND ORANGE ONES? I have the purple, blue, black, green, and red. I didn’t know there were more colours; orange is my favourite colour so now I may have to make a trip to the States so I can get the orange pen at Target.

    Okay, now I read the rest. Target Canada is closing and all stock is now 30-40% off. They didn’t have the pens, but they had a LOT of washi tape. I probably bought enough to use as wallpaper in my house.

    My name is Carmen and I too have a stationery store addiction.

  13. Carmen – Vancouver, BC – Addicted to Diet Coke, Chick Lit, home design shows; mom to a 9 year old girl & 12year old boy. By day, I'm a research scientist.
    Carmen says:

    I understand this completely. I have the elephant paper clips. And apple ones. And clover ones. And hedgehogs, squirrels, hearts, and one more that is slipping my mind right now…oh! Hippos. I can’t NOT buy them.

  14. Where has this blog of kindred stationery souls been all my life????? Staples! A stack of blank journals!The nirvana of B&N journal shelves! Moleskin notebooks! Gel pens! I’m about to leave the house post snow storm right now to run to Target and get that entire purple desk set and accessories I’ve been eyeballing for months! Thank you Zoot. I am not alone….

  15. I just found your site this morning and I have already fallen in love! I am so glad that I have nothing planned today because I will be on your site All. Day. Long.

    I am a pinterest addict, which led me to your site. I am so happy to know I am not the only one who will get jump-up-and-down-happy when I need to go to Staples. I have been making my own calendars and planners since high school (which is almost 20 years ago). I’ve resisted the Moleskin journals only because I’m cheap. The current planner I use is actually one I pieced together myself and I like it, but I think I like the idea of having a calendar and somewhere to keep my notes/lists as well.

    My favorite pen is the Pilot G-2 0.38. My current planner is the size of 4.25in X 5.5in (1/4 a piece or paper). I need a super thin pen so I could write items into my calendar spots. I LOVE these pens for that.

    Ok, enough for now. Gotta head out for a bit, but I am super excited to check out the rest of your website when I get back!

  16. So, I am obsessed with my bullet journal. Right now I am just using a spiral bound notebook from Staples (that I bought a few weeks ago in a three pack when all I really needed was one…), but I am excited about filling it up so I can switch to a nicer journal. I was also on the lookout for something to carry my journal, pens, tape, stickers, etc. around and I think I found it. It’s called the Travel Journal and it’s made by Tom Bihn. Looks pretty cool and I had to share it with other BJ lovers :0) http://www.tombihn.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=TB1910&Store_Code=001&search=journal&searchoffset=&filter_cat=&PowerSearch_Begin_Only=&sort=&range_low=&range_high=&psboost=name%2Ccode

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