March? Huh?

I’m confused. My calendar says it’s March 2nd. It’s not March yet, is it? I know February is a short month, but it didn’t shrink to 7 days did it? Because I truly believe I missed at least 3 weeks of the month somewhere. Maybe in a pile of puke-covered laundry and ice covered streets? The kids have had so few days where they’ve both been to school for a full day, that I feel like they’ve only had school for about a week since Christmas. MARCH? I don’t think so. Nope. Not happening.

I especially am in denial because – on the first Saturday of March – I have a 12-hour race I’m supposed to be participating in. And if today is March 2nd, then that means my 12-hour race is this Saturday and I’m NOT AT ALL READY.

At one point, my goal for this race was to just beat last year’s distance of 52 miles. But then my groin got strained and I sprained my ankle and I used the weeks after my last race to rest, recover, and eat. I had also considered using the flat course as a motivation to shoot for my first sub-6hr 50K. But neither of those goals seem attainable right now so I’m kinda just thinking that my goal now will be FIRST: Show up. SECOND: Make forward progress for 12 hours. If I can keep moving for 12 hours? I’ll consider myself a success. Even if it’s walking 20 miles instead of running 50. But honestly? I had such a great running weekend that I’m not going to get down on myself too much next weekend if I can’t even stay mobile for 12 hours. I’m coming back, I’m feeling better, I’m not going to get too down on myself if next weekend fails. The one great thing about this race is that you get a plaque with a number on it no matter HOW MANY miles you complete. If it’s 1 or 100. So there’s no “DNF”.

I do want to keep up my WHOPPING 2-Day Good Eating streak for the month of March. 2 days is probably my longest streak since early January, so – you know – I hate to break that streak of awesomeness.

2 thoughts on “March? Huh?”

  1. Seriously, where did Feb. go?!?! I am quickly approaching my “Let me (er…my knees) survive 3 races in 3 weekends”. March 28: McKay 12k, April 4: Oak Barrel half marathon, April 11: Heel & Crank. AND the past week I haven’t been able to run do to some mysterious knee pain that doesn’t want to go away. UGH!

  2. I can’t believe it’s March already too! My daughter turns 14 in a week and I’m in complete denial…where did my baby go?? She is 1/2 inch shorter than me and will likely pass me soon 🙁

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