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Color Me Jealous

Nikki hates her long her. She loves it when she wants to have it to do fun stuff with, but 9 days out of 10 she hates brushing it and dealing with it and puts it up in a ponytail almost every day.

She’s in a wedding in October, so she was thinking we could cut it shorter now, and it will grown out for a fun style in October. It would give her a little bit of a break, but still give us hair to play with for the wedding. BUT! Before we did that, I suggested we put some fun color tips in it for a little while!

I spent yesterday morning reading articles and watching YouTube videos about dip-dyeing hair. I wasn’t too worried about screwing it up since A) It’s not permanent and B) We’re chopping it off anyway.

We set out yesterday morning after the ice melted on the streets and she picked out her color at Sally’s Beauty Supply. I made her get Manic Panic because I have experience with that stuff (20 years ago) and I know it washes out/fades over time.

We came home and went to work. I broke her hair up into 8 tiny ponytails and put rubberbands at the same height on all of them. I painted almost to the rubberband and then cut that off and “twisted” the top part of the dye so that the border wasn’t a straight line. That part was a little wonky because my “twisting” got a little bit of dye on a few strands higher up than I wanted, but over all it was a great technique to make sure there were straights lines on each ponytail that wouldn’t match up across her hair.

She SCREAMED when she saw it, she was so excited. She’s not much of a hair person but she just kept looking at it all day and freaking out about how much she loved it. It’s not perfect, if you look too close it’s obvious it was done by an amateur, but considering I am an amateur, I thought it turned out great.

I’m going to take pictures of it as it washes out to see how long it takes to fade so we’ll know for future reference because she is loving this so much I know she’ll want to do it again!

11 thoughts on “Color Me Jealous”

  1. Would you please give the link to the YouTube videos you used? My daughter really wants to do this the next time her hair gets long (unfortunately she JUST chopped it) and I don’t want to screw it up. Nikki’s hair looks awesome!

  2. That is so pretty! I’ve been wanting to put a purple streak in my hair, but I keep telling myself 36 is too old for fun hair. Which is ridiculous, now that I’m actually sharing that thought with other people.

  3. I highly recommend it. I waited until I was 42, and am still experimenting a year later. (So far I’ve tried fuschia, blonde, orange, bleach blonde and cranberry red. The red is fading and I’m thinking I might go for purple or blue next.)

  4. I’m almost 47 and I just dyed my hair Violet Red. Depending on the light, it either looks red or purple-ish. You are never too old for fun hair!

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